Selling Hair Guide


So you’re ready to sell your lovely, long  hair? You’ve come to the right place! This quick guide will help you create a great ad:





1Register on the site. You may want to consider using a temporary email address as prospective buyers will see your email address once you reply to a message you receive through the site.


2 – If you’ve already cut your hair make sure it’s kept in a ponytail or braid. If you’re going to cut your hair after being paid, decide how much you want to cut so that buyers know exactly how much hair they’re buying.


3 – Take several clear and accurate pictures of your hair. Pictures in natural light often help bring out your hairs natural colours. It’s also useful to hold a measuring tape across the length and around the circumference of your hair so that buyers can actually see your hair measurements.


cutting-hair4 – Click the Post Your Hair Ad’ button and get started on your listing. Include as much information as possible and be 100% truthful and open in your ad. For example, if you do or don’t smoke, say so, your lifestyle is shown through your hair. Hair buyers are experts and can easily detect damaged hair.


5 – Our listing form includes an optional price field where you can add the price that you’ll accept for your hair. Browse listings similar to your hair to help you get a feel for the going rate. If you’re really not sure, don’t specify a minimum price and wait for offers from prospective buyers (regularly check your spam folder too in case buyer messages are inadvertently filtered). Prices can range from $100 to thousands of dollars!


6 – Once you’ve chosen a buyer and are happy with the offer, you and the buyer need to decide how payment will be made and how the hair will be sent. For the safety of both parties, the use of PayPal is recommended for payments. Only cut and send your hair once payment is fully cleared.  As with all marketplaces, beware of fraudsters that may send fake email payment notifications or expect you to act off pending amounts in your PayPal account. We recommend you simply ignore emails that appear suspicious i.e. ask to pay you via ‘certified cheque’ or that involve ‘shipping companies’. Our scam page contains more information to help you stay safe.


7 – Once payment has cleared, send the hair via the agreed delivery method. We recommend recorded delivery. Some hair buyers and sellers prefer to meet in person. If you do exchange in person, please take the usual personal safety precautions.


8 – You’re done and you’ll have hopefully made a handsome profit! To prevent further hair queries just login to your personal dashboard and mark your ad as sold 😀 . It’s also worth looking through our experience page to get tips from other hair traders. Now you just need to re-grow your hair and sell again on!


Bonus! Check out our hair selling infographic on hair prices, staying safe and more!