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by Sasha on
Sold for $10 an inch

My hair isn't great condition and not unique - it's dark brown and I have used products on it before. But the right wig maker contacted me, and I sold for $10 an inch. Got paid before posting and just 2 random spam messages, so I'm happy!

by Angel on
Sold without too much fuss

Use common sense and don't share personal info like bank details, or worse still card details! Get paid before cutting (via PayPal or another secure method) and only then post your hair recorded delivery.

by Riya on
Best Experience

Had a great experience with BuyAndSellHair. Posted on one other site, and go inundated with spam. Sold here in 3 weeks 🙂

by Alexandria on
Great Experience

My hair sold for $41 per inch. I listed my ad in November and bumped it in December when it wasn't receiving any views. I originally had my price for 12in at $1000, but after not having any success, I reduced it to $500. I had a few creepy/uncomfortable buyers (one scam that asked me to shave my head for $6000), but in the end a genuine buyer came forth and purchased it for it's stated price. We communicated back and forth very professionally and settled on the cut date. I additionally received that payment before the cut. I look forward to shipping my hair to him in the next few days!

by Lucia on
solo 1 semana

Gracias por dar esta oportunidad, gran plataforma.

Vendido en 1 semana.

by Isaac on
Very happy!

My hair sold in one month for $26 per inch. I had one creepy guy contact me (I’m a man too), but he didn’t say anything crazy, just asked me odd questions. The woman who bought my hair was incredibly nice and easy to work with. I would recommend not using your normal email address, primarily due to the creepy guys. In my case it helped because the buyer found me on Facebook which I think made both of us much more comfortable, but I would have been really freaked out if the creepy guy had messaged me.

by Elle on
Great Experience

Listed 24" of hair and received 10 inquiries and the offer I ultimately accepted within 12 hours. Dan was great to work with, polite, thorough, concise and professional with his offer and request for how to handle and ship my hair.

I had a couple odd messages and requests, but it was more entertaining than offensive. Just be aware of potential scams or people wasting your time, as with any internet exchange.

I was very nervous it would be a waste of time, and I was so pleasantly surprised with my experience. As long as you are aware of potential issues, I cannot recommend this site enough!

by Cat on
Beware of classified ads scams

As long as you have some knowledge on basic scams (check the scams page) that will help you avoid any weird emails you get. Found a serious buyer who paid $25 per inch. He was the first person that contacted me. I waited for a few weeks, and there were no better offers, so accepted!!

by Izzy on
Who would have known

Had no idea you could make a tidy some selling hair - awesome so happy I found this site and secured a sale after some negotiation

by Jennika on

Sold in 3 weeks! Thank you guys! Only 2 creep emails (which were pretty funny) - apart from that, great experience!

by Eliot C on
pretty good

Sold approximately 18 inches of 3.5 inch thick light brown wavy hair for $340. It took less than a week to find a good buyer. Judging by the amount of offers, I probably could've gotten a bit more money, but I didn't want to wait that long. Got a couple creepy or suspicious messages, but not many. It was mostly serious buyers. I ended up selling to Terri Bogner. She was a good and honest customer who answered my questions promptly and didn't ask for anything weird from me.

by Els C on
32 Inches for $1200

I got the offer I was eventually to accept on the first day - along with one for $2000 to cut at my cheekbones. (36") I was planning to sell 32" of my 5-in thick virgin chestnut hair for $1000, but last minute decided to list 30" for $1200, and ended up selling 32" for $1250 to Alex ($50 went to PayPal fees, another $50 to shipping to NL and listing fees, so $1150 profit + price of hair cut) within three days. I got many good offers on the first day. Very happy with my experience.

by Sara L on
Remove Your Rose Colored Glasses

The site is great, I have no complaints about the actual website and the way it is run. Credible, convenient, and safe.

The experience, however, is not what all these reviews lead you to believe. This was my first time selling hair, and I did everything everyone recommended, to the letter. I posted in winter. I took pictures in the sun, and with rulers. I was accurate but not long-winded in my ad. I was selling 20" of very thick, virgin, auburn/chestnut hair.

I got several offers completely lowballing and several others that wanted to 'give me a makeover', if I was willing to take a day off of work to drive to NYC (I wasn't) to go to a complete stranger's apartment (no thanks) for him to 'professionally' cut my hair (I doubt it, the headshots of his clients didn't look all that great honestly). At first, these were the only offers I received. Four months and three price drops later, I got two legitimate offers. Two. And then my ad expired.

In the end, I decided to donate my ponytail. With nearly 500 views over 4 months, the offers I had gotten were less than half of what the calculator said my hair was worth. I felt more comfortable donating to a cause that helped those that truly needed hair than settling for what I felt were unfair offers.

In short, the site works exactly how you would expect it to, but you aren't going to get asking price unless you have a desirable hair color. I did not receive many scammer emails, and only a couple of what folks would call 'creep' emails, so the website is handling those situations well. I recommend giving it a try, it really is a great website. I only want to warn folks about having too high expectations and being let down (like I was).

Good luck with your hair!

by Kim on

I have sold my hair twice before. This experience was different from the last two. I had a flurry of interest soon after I listed my hair. Most asked for more pictures to see the "true color" of my hair. I added a few more pics, then no replies from the "buyers" I was asked constantly if I would sell more. I decided I could sell a few more inches, then I got a really low offer, or accepted an offer and the paypay payment never showed up. Dont cut till you have the money. I have really nice hair- blonde, never heat or chemical treated, 3.75 inches thick. I asked for $500 for 17 inches. The market fluctuates throughout the year and from year to year so its hard to gauge what a good asking price is. I checked out other adds to see what was selling and how long it took to sell. I had my hair listed for a month before I sold it.

I was offered crazy amounts of money to shave my head from jimjones. I considered it, then asked what he was asking me to do and it involved a video for "private use" and he would only pay half up front. Warning signs everywhere.

I eventually accepted an offer from Lee. He was local and asked if he could cut it himself. I invited a few friends over and we made a day of it. We all got great cuts and he paid me my asking price.

If you do this, just protect yourself. I checked the guy out on social media and made sure I had people with me so I was never alone with him. We even had a consult over skype to ask questions and feel out the situation and see samples of his work.

Over all I would say it was a good experience.

by S B on
Know your worth and choose well...

So happy with this very well managed site. Thank you for screening your buyers!

I recently sold 25 of my 47 inches of luxurious, long, strong, silky, natural balayage strawberry blonde mermaid hair.

This was a huge step for me. After 12 years of growth, putting a price on one of the most beautiful parts of yourself is not a superficial act, and depending on how things go, you can end up feeling "slimed" or it can be very liberating.

There was a learning curve involved. This was my 3rd ad in 3 years. I’d not sold previously and walked away disgusted because every reply was from a creep or lowballer.

This time was different, in large part because scammers are booted from this site, and I learned from some mistakes.

This time, I did my research, set a specific intention for the perfect buyer, and treated it as a pleasant business transaction. I always post good, well-lit photos and I chose every positive word carefully this time, offering enough info, but nothing personal. The advice to set up a separate email, not to offer anything except a first name, wait to cut until you're paid, and use Paypal is wise.

The market is more saturated now, so I set a (fair) asking price, and was very clear about what was offered and the boundaries for contact and doing business, because this is a business transaction for a high ticket item that I won't be doing again for several years, if ever, and because the buyer also deserves to be treated with respect and offered clear information.

There were offers I was not interested in that had clearly not read my ad, wanted me to shave my head, or cut it before paying with a cashier's check or western union scam. I politely declined each, ignored any additional dialogue, and was willing to wait for the kind of situation I wanted.

I'm super happy with the income and outcome. My hair sold to a super nice, respectful industry professional who personally cut it for $1200 (50% more than the asking price) with no haggling. They knew the value, offered what it was worth, we set up a meeting in a professional environment(not even a suggestion of a creepy video or script), they checked in with me every stage of the cut, left me with a longer layered style I really love that will grow out beautifully, and walked away with some great hair.

Fyi...I also posted on another site to maximize exposure, and the only replies were from creeps, scammers, head shavers, and people trying to trick me into cutting before payment, etc., so don't waste your money!

Know your worth, be sure you really want to cut you hair, know how much you want to let go of, be real, set things up well, and best of luck!

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