A $50 25min Survey from SurveySavvy

| Opportunities | July 13, 2011

I was pretty excited when I found this email in my inbox, first thing in the morning:

SurveySavvy invites you to share your opinions in an important new survey.

If you qualify for and complete this survey, your account will be credited $50 within four to six weeks. As always, your responses will be kept confidential, and they will be used for research purposes only.

Estimated length of survey: 25 minutes

Incentive: $50

My thoughts: “$50 for 25 mins!? Awesome”.

This is the highest paying survey I’ve had through in a while. I’m used to $5 – $25 surveys from the likes of CashCrate and others mentioned in my online surveys post. $50 is a lot to hand out for just 25 minutes ‘work’ so I promptly clicked on the survey link in fear that the offer might disappear.

I was taken though a set of around 20 initial screening questions that took me just under 4 minutes to complete. Then came a sudden anti-climax:

Thank you for participating in our survey U4103!

Based on your responses to the screener questions, you either do not match our client’s demographic criteria for this survey or the quota group you qualify for has been closed. In appreciation of your efforts, we will enter you into our monthly drawing for fifty $10.00 prizes. We will contact you again as soon as we have another survey that matches your account information.

I was, naturally, a little disappointed. I was looking forward to boasting about how I just made an easy $50 – but then I realized it’s not a donation website and I actually had to do some work. Although as the initial screener didn’t take that long it wasn’t too much of a big deal. The blow was also softened by being thrown into their draw of fifty $10 prizes which is better than nothing. Looking back, it seemed like the survey was looking for a veteran IT nerd.

What this teaches me, and I hope shows others, is that there are extremely well paying surveys out there and you can make good money if you sign up to a bunch of survey sites. Don’t believe the pessimists who think survey sites just pay out a few cents or worse still, you can’t make money online! If you get 3 – 4 surveys in your inbox a day, the chances are that at least 1 – 2 will match your profile and you’ll get paid! That’s more money to spend on getting your hair done! 😀

Click here to register at Survey Savvy and check out our full list of legit survey sites.


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One Response to “A $50 25min Survey from SurveySavvy”

  1. I just signed up with them about less than a month ago, and I already completed my first survey! I have to say, I don’t think they’re a scam but I don’t like the fact that it takes up to 4-6 weeks for my reward to show up in my account, and then another 4-6 weeks for me to get paid after I’ve requested it! Seriously, why that long? However, I do like the fact that there is no cashout limit.. so I can request cashout whenever I like.

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