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Should You Sell Or Donate Your Hair?

| General | June 12, 2013

Donate Your HairMany people have heard of the awesome charity called Locks of Love that takes donations of human hair and makes wigs for children who are bald due to medical conditions or medical treatments.  It is a very noble thing to do (and we’re not saying not to consider it), but you should also consider selling your hair instead.


According to their FAQ’s, Locks of Love donations have to be a minimum of 10 inches long because of how the wigs are made.  So, if you’re hair is shorter than that, you’re donation will not be used.  If your hair is bleached, in dreadlocks, gray, not in a tight ponytail or ‘otherwise unusable’, it will be sold. It is also worth noting that if they sell your hair, they are unable to show your hair donation as an IRS deduction for tax purposes.


But, if you decide to sell your own hair, you’ll find that purchasers in the marketplace are less stringent on length and treatments (this varies vendor by vendor—understand that virgin hair is most highly sought).  Obviously, longer hair sells for more, depending on condition, but shorter lengths and even children’s hair is quite saleable.


Also, if you choose to sell your own hair and you’re still interested in donating to Locks of Love, you can make a cash donation to them of all or a portion of your hair’s profit.  They can declare that kind of a donation as a charitable gift.  You can benefit not only from a tax-write-off perspective, but also from the warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ll get from helping a child.


In summary, if you’re considering making a donation of your hair to charity, consider all your options beforehand.  You may be better off selling your hair and then donating the cash.


Check out our homepage for the latest hair sales and for more info on selling on our website.


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