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SellHairStore.com Closed Down?

We’ve recently had a number of queries on whether competitor website SellHairStore.com has closed down. Unfortunately, a number of buyerswww.sellhairstore.com_10 paid to list on the site but it has now all but disappeared.


We encourage all sellers affected by this to file disputes via PayPal. As you didn’t get your full listing time on the site, you certainly should get all your money back.


We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome new sellers to BuyandSellHair.com [1] – the largest human hair marketplace. We’ve been established since 2010 and have facilitated thousands of sales. Since our growth, there have been many outright clones to the market but we continue to grow thanks to our focus on the following:



It’s a shame to see the everyday seller affected by the abrupt closure of SellHairStore.com but we hope BuyandSellHair.com restores your faith in selling hair online!


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