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Time Out – Article “Ways to make money now


But if you’ve got the tresses and the desire to chop ’em off, why not make a little cash while you’re at it? You post photos and a description on The Buy and Sell Hair (, either with a listing price or an invitation to field potential buyers’ offers. Recent sales include 14 inches of black hair that went for $500 and 16 inches of never-dyed strawberry blond hair that went for $800. Fantine never had it that good.


Bloomberg – Article “Bodies double as cash machines with U.S. income lagging


The mother of two posted pictures of her 18-inch auburn mane on, asking at least $1,000 and receiving responses within hours. Hare, who also considered selling her breast milk, joins others exploring unconventional ways to make ends meet as the four-year-old economic expansion struggles to invigorate the labor market and stimulate incomes. – Article “Americans selling hair, eggs amid financial woes


a 25-year-old Farmington Hills woman posted an online ad in October on looking to sell up to 18 inches of her hair for $1,500. Bridie MacDonald lost her job in mortgage marketing in September, likely a casualty of interest rates that have gone up steadily since the Federal Reserve began signaling it might pull back on the stimulus program.

“I’ve been growing my hair out for maybe a little over two years and I just decided now was the time since I lost my job,” MacDonald said. Since posting the ad she’s received more than 100 responses.



We are also the only hair trading website that has conducted extensive research into hair selling prices, preferences and trends. See the full infographic here.


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