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‘Crowdfund’ Your College, Creative Idea & Even Your Wedding!

Wouldn’t it be great to get other people to pay for things like your college, that creative idea you’ve had or even expensive essentials like a wedding?! Sound too good to be true – well, not quite.

When we discovered this relatively new way to raise money online [1] we knew we had to bring it to the attention of our frugal hair sellers.

The method I’m talking about is called crowd funding [2] – it’s where you create a funding request and then ask friends, family and even strangers to back your cause; and the site that is spearheading its way into this niche is Go Get Funding [1].

Unlike other crowd funding sites, Go Get Funding lets you raise money for ‘personal plans, projects, events and causes’. Here’s how it works:

The crowdfunding concept is really useful to those that need money and are happy to take advantage of their social networks. You also need a fair bit of creativity in order to come up with good (non-financial) rewards in exchange for pledges. But remember it’s not plain sailing and simply free money, you do have to put in some work promoting your project. Create something than you’d be happy to back yourself.

So next time you need money for something that really matters to you, consider the benefits of crowdfunding it [1]!

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