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Welcome to the affiliate program which lets you earn money by promoting our website. Please read through all the information below to understand our affiliate program.

How does it work?

All users automatically get their own affiliate URL when registering on the site. If you are logged in to the site, you’ll see your link to the right under ‘Affiliate Link’. When someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, we record that the visitor was referred by you. If that visitor creates a hair advert and completes payment, you’ll receive a commission.

How much and how do I get paid?

We offer 15% commission to affiliates who refer hair traders that purchase a $14.50 advert. Once your affiliate balance reaches $10, simply initiate a withdrawal request from this affiliate page and we’ll pay you via PayPal. The ‘withdraw funds’ button will only show up once your balance reaches or exceeds $10.

In order to pay you, you need to add your PayPal email address to your user profile. You can edit your profile and add your PayPal email address by clicking here. We pay users that have initiated a withdrawal request every two weeks, on average.

What is the information displayed in the ‘Your Affiliate Info’ box to the right?

Once logged in, you can see your affiliate statistics.

Your Invited Users: This shows the user names of people that have registered through your affiliate link. It is important to note that you get paid for referred users that post an ad and not users that simply register on the site.

Earnings: Your total earnings.

Withdraws: How much you have withdrawn from your earnings.

Balance: Shows your current total balance.

Minimum withdraw limit: You must accrue at least $10 before you request the withdrawal of funds. Once your balance reaches or exceeds $10 you can initiate a withdrawal request for all or part of your balance from a button that will appear in the ‘Your Affiliate Info’ box.

The section below this will also show transaction history and your unique affiliate link.

How can I promote

We recommend promoting us through your website (if you have one) and via social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You could also email friends your unique affiliate link telling them about hair selling opportunities.

Why should I promote

Apart from the 15% commission on each ad sale, you’ll be promoting a service that can help others make significant sums of money by selling their hair; an opportunity that many people are unaware of. is the largest and busiest hair trading website which has attracted thousands of hair buyers and sellers.

Please summarise what I need to do to get started and make money…

1. Add your PayPal email address to your user profile. This is where you will be paid your affiliate earnings.

2. Come back to this page and copy your affiliate link (you need to be logged in).

3. Promote your affiliate link where possible. This may be through your website, social media networks or elsewhere.

4. Check this page regularly to monitor your earnings.

5. Once your balance reaches or exceeds $10, initiate a withdrawal request.

6. You’ll get paid once we have received your withdrawal request and verified your earnings. The payment run takes place around every two weeks.

7. Continue promoting 😉

Participating in our affiliate program is deemed as acceptance of our affiliate program terms so please read these.


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