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Is CashCrate A Scam?

| Opportunities | August 19, 2011

CashCrate Scam

CashCrate Scam?!

My post on online surveys got a fair amount of attention and even prompted a few private messages.  Two of those asked if CashCrate, the survey site I recommended most highly, was a scam or not.

Well, the simple answer is no – otherwise I wouldn’t recommend it to my readers and instantly lose all credibility! If you search CashCrate cheque you’ll see proof of payment from all over the place and I have personally been paid by them.

Saying that, I can’t be too frustrated by these questions – when you type ‘CashCrate’ into Google one of the first auto-complete results is ‘CashCrate scam’. There are tons of scams out there and it’s always best to be a little skeptical. is a prime example of that as we have had our fair share of unscrupulous buyers. That’s why we have a dedicated scams page for sellers and reminders about being careful when trading online all over the place. People may also be cautious of CashCrate because they don’t understand how it works and because of the (true) stories of people making $50 an hour with it.

I stick by my high recommendation of CashCrate and these are some of the reasons why:

  • Minimum Age to do surveys – Just 13
  • 1st Tier Referral Earnings – 20%
  • 2nd Tier Referral Earnings – 10%
  • Extra Bonus – $3 for any referral that earns $10
  • Allows international membership
  • Payment Method – By Check or PayPal
  • Membership Fee – Free to join

If you’re sitting on the fence and not sure whether to join or not I suggest three courses of action:

  1. Register and simply send your referral link (found on the homepage under the referrals tab once your logged in) to friends, family and others. That way you can try to make money passively by simply referring others
  2. Register and start completing offers and see how quickly your balance builds up. Seeing the money come in is the greatest incentive to keep going
  3. Do both. This is the ultimate way to make $1000+ with CashCrate a month. I for one hate unrealistic promotion and stuff that sounds like a ‘get rich quick scheme’. This is not one of those as I have seen others earn sums over $1,000 a month. Admittedly, as with anything, it will take time and effort but it is definitely possible.

Another source of confusion is how to actually take offers on CashCrate.Here’s how you do it:

  • Register and login
  • Locate the ‘Offers’ tab half way down the homepage and sort by ‘100% free’ from the drop down menu. This is the best way to start off and will build some confidence.
  • Click on a offer and complete it. The offer will usually have something to do with interacting with a website e.g. registering and confirming an email address or playing a quiz.
  • Once you’ve completed an offer, click the ‘Submit’ button to notify CashCrate that it’s done.
  • You’ll then be credited by CashCrate once the advertiser confirms you completed the offer.
  • That’s it!

You should also watch this useful, short video which goes over how to get paid with CashCrate:

Although the offer amounts don’t seem like a great deal, each offer generally only takes a minute or two meaning you can quickly build up your balance. Another tip is to install Roboform for free. This will auto-complete a number of fields for you so you can complete offers faster.

Don’t delay – each day you do is potential lost income so register now. If you’re serious about making money with survey sites, check out our post on other legit survey sites and start enjoying your extra income.


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