Buying Hair Guide attracts a wide range of human hair sellers and our platform makes it easy for you to sort through listings to find the perfect head of hair. This quick guide should help you buy hair quickly and easily:buy hair

1Signup as a verified buyer then browse through our listings to find hair that fits your needs.

2Examine attached photographs and read through the full description.

3 – Use the embedded contact form to ask questions or to make an offer.

4 – Once the hair seller has accepted your offer, agree on a delivery method and make payment. We recommend the use of PayPal as this is a widely recognised safe and secure method. Please do not offer certified cheques and money orders as this is a tactic often employed by scammers. Our scam page shows what users have been told to look out for – this should help you understand common concerns.

5Arrange delivery, preferably via a recorded service. Some hair buyers and sellers prefer to meet in person. If you do exchange in person, please take the usual personal safety precautions.

6Transaction complete! Be sure to come back soon to find other hair sellers!