We want to make buying and selling hair on our site as easy and safe as possible. We’ve therefore put together several useful resources.

For Hair Sellers:

Check out our hair selling guide which covers tips on how to create an ad and stay safe. Our experience page is also a valuable source of information which includes real, unedited reviews from hair buyers and sellers. Finally, our FAQ should help address common questions and we welcome you to join our Facebook page to become part of the community.

For Hair Buyers:

We’ve created a buying hair guide to go over the basics of dealing with hair sellers. You may also find useful information, mainly from hair sellers, on our experience page. We highly recommend you add your own comments to this, possibly covering your own hair buying preferences to help future sellers create better ads. We also welcome you to join our Facebook page to stay in the loop on important and interesting website announcements. If you’d like to know about all the latest hair postings via Twitter, follow us to get real-time updates.