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Free and Easy Hair is in for 2012

| Hair & Beauty | February 9, 2012

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Rooney Mara's Lovely Short Hair

Rooney Mara's Lovely Short Hair

Marilyn Monroe was such an icon and trendsetter that even playing her in a movie can pass on some of that trend-setting weight by association. Michelle Williams’ starring role in “My Week With Marilyn” has brought her critical attention and a ticket to awards show season, where trends are often set for the year. All the stars look their best at an awards show, but few this year look as free and easy as Michelle Williams. There’s just something about short hair.


Like a young woman after a bad break-up, the short hairstyles that are coming into vogue for 2012 have the air of a fresh start. Unencumbered by the long-haired woes of tabloid favorites like J. Lo, Angelina and Kim Kardashian, women are looking to sever ties with the headiness of the last few years. The bad economy, political turmoil and global unrest of recent years may not be gone, but they can be forgotten, at least for a while.


Short hairstyles can be pixie, punk or sophisticated, but they always have a certain elegance. That is because a woman with short hair exudes one of the most important qualities that can make her seem truly beautiful: she looks like she’s not trying too hard. Short hair, done right, looks effortless and carefree. In reality, drying time is traded for a little extra product and more frequent trims, but no one needs to know that.


Hollywood’s newest “it” girl, Rooney Mara, has the looks and charm to pulls off both Lisbeth Salander’s extreme punk look as well as her own red carpet glam style. Not everyone can wear her short bangs, but the way they frame her face is another endorsement of short hair. The perfect short cut will cater to the strengths of each woman’s face, bringing individuality to a look that long hair just does not provide.


Once spring has sprung, look for the trend to spread as more and more women leave behind Bella Swan’s angst and embrace their inner Alice Cullen. A short haircut could be just the thing to tell everyone you have better things to do than blow-dry.


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