A $50 25min Survey from SurveySavvy

| Opportunities | July 13, 2011

I was pretty excited when I found this email in my inbox, first thing in the morning:

SurveySavvy invites you to share your opinions in an important new survey.

If you qualify for and complete this survey, your account will be credited $50 within four to six weeks. As always, your responses will be kept confidential, and they will be used for research purposes only. (more…)


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Get Paid to Take Online Surveys

| Opportunities | July 9, 2011

Do you know that there are companies out there that will pay you to simply take surveys? Why? Because big companies love to get consumers views. They go out and pay market research firms big bucks to get feedback on their target market, products and services so they can make bigger profits.

You can earn anything from a few dollars to more than $25 per online survey. Dedicated survey takers are able to earn an extra few hundred dollars a month which can make a big difference to your lifestyle. What’s also great is that the surveys can be done from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.

For those of you that think you don’t have any free time, think again! It’s all about managing your time effectively. Once you’re sat down at the computer ready to go, just 30 minutes a day, or even every few days, can result in a serious boost to your income. I’m sure you can free up a few hours a week by cutting down the time you spend sat by the TV, browsing Facebook or combing your hair! Reallocate this time to taking online surveys and your finances will thank you for it. (more…)


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10 natural hair growth tips

| Hair & Beauty | July 4, 2011

We’ve put together 10 of our favourite natural hair growth tips that have stood the test of time and that should help you on your way to grow longer luscious locks:

1. Protein

Did you know our hair is around 90% protein? It is made from a protein called keratin. These essential proteins get stripped away by heat styling, weather, pollution, and chemical damage. Therefore, it is essential that these lost nutrients get replaced. Protein will give the shaft of your hair more strength, will reduce the chances of damage and also accelerate growth.

Protein rich foods include eggs, fish, beans, yoghurt & poultry. You could also give low carb protein shakes a try – they’re not reserved for body builders! (more…)


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Interview: Jen’s Hair Selling Experience

| Interviews | June 15, 2011

In a new feature on our blog, we’re looking to interview hair buyers and sellers that are happy to answer a few questions about themselves and their experience buying or selling hair.

These interviews aim to give you an informative, lighthearted and transparent insight into anything and everything related to hair.

For the first interview, we got in touch with Jen from the US who was kind enough to share her thoughts. She sold 30 inches of her hair for $2,500.

Start of interview:

Hi Jen, thanks for taking part in this interview. It would be great if you could tell readers a little bit about yourself and what led you to do the decision to sell your hair?

Jen's Hair Before Being Cut

I’m 28 years old, obviously female, and a mother to four kids, (three boys, and a baby girl) ages 7, 5, 3, and 9 months. I decided I wanted to cut my hair about a year ago, because it was getting tiresome to take care of. And while it was nice hair, I was always just trying to keep it out of my way, and so most of the time it was either in a braid or bun. I had very few options if I wanted to make it look different from the front. Basically, I wanted a change!

Once I had decided to cut my hair I started wondering if I could sell it, and a short internet search later I found out I could! (more…)


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Our First Blog Post!

| Site Related | May 27, 2011

We’re hugely excited to launch the official blog today! The aim of this is to provide an informal means to talk about topics such as hair & beauty and alternative ways to make money, other than selling your hair!

You might be wondering who the ‘we’ is that I’ve been referring to. Well, my name’s Satti and I’m the self-proclaimed hair expert on this site whereas my partner, Sunny, is the technical expert who manages the day to day tasks associated with this site. We’ll both be updating this blog and we genuinely look forward to getting to connecting with you all.



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