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His face was longer than the blackboard eraser next to him, and there was a long ruler beside his hand all the year round. It was said that it was specially used to punish students who were not obedient and deserted. He obviously has a unique and rigid set of rules for his teaching. Most of the students who do not obey the classroom discipline, copy the correct answers casually to deal with him, and do not follow his after-school guidance to go home to preview and then come to class, he will not even give the opportunity of individual counseling. The teachers in No.1 Middle School are also strict in teaching, but now it is a new era, but few of them really get angry with the students like Mr. Peng. Teacher Peng, in particular, has a pair of eyes like an old owl, and stares at people unhappily all day long. His unsmiling appearance can almost compete with those old masters who are full of words in the old society TV series. But even though he was afraid, Xiaoliangsheng gradually overcame the difficulties and problems that had troubled him. Because his goal is to improve his academic performance with Mr. Peng. For this result, he is willing to sacrifice his spare time and spend a lot of children's energy. He has perseverance and perseverance in his bones. So every Saturday, Sunday and after school, Xiao Liang Sheng would first go to Mr. Peng's house with his schoolbag on his back. Under the supervision and correction of the elderly tutor, he would finish all the homework of the day before returning home. This process usually continues until 8:00 p.m. Teacher Peng's old house is in Chengbei New District, while Liang Sheng's rental house is in the south of the city for the convenience of doing business. Later, in order to catch up with the time to go to the tutorial class on time and not let Mr. Peng wait too long at home,rotary vacuum disc filters, Liang Sheng went to Mr. Peng's home for a tutorial class several times before the school had time to go home for dinner. At first, they just followed the routine of the regular cram school every Saturday and Sunday, plus three hours on weekdays, one-to-one classes. Teacher Peng will explain the topic to him as patiently as possible, and Xiaoliangsheng will ask if he doesn't understand it in class every day. But somehow, when the first round of the two-week tutorial came down and the next monthly exam came,fine bubble diffuser, Liang Sheng's progress was still not very obvious. There are 31students in the class and 315 students in the grade. Mathematics is 16 points lower than the average score of the class. In this regard, Mr. Peng has to say that there are doubts in his heart. After all, he is also an old educator who has been a teacher for many years. It can be seen that this Liangsheng child usually works very hard, and he listens carefully to the key points he talks about. It doesn't make sense. It will be standing still. There is no decent progress. The key is that as an old teacher, he sees all this in his eyes, and at the same time, he has to find a way to pull this child who is obviously very motivated and hard-working. With such doubts, one day, Peng Anliang, a teacher who happened to be tutoring other senior students at home, gave Liang Sheng a paper and told him to finish it on the small bench in front of him. It was not difficult to decide the first exam paper at the last minute. They are the most basic and common questions in junior high school textbooks, and the teachers in the school also talked about them in class. At that time, rapid sand filters ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, Mr. Peng just wanted to feel his bottom again and see what specific shortcomings he had. But this time, he really understood the crux of why Liang Sheng's performance has not been going up for a long time. Because Mingming's test paper is very basic. In the process, immerse oneself in doing a problem, nervous sweat is almost dripping down the sound of trabeculae, but inexplicably always do very difficult. In his eyes, when he saw the familiar test paper in front of him, he would think of the previous exams. Think of those results and rankings that make him uneasy, which makes him unable to look at the paper in front of him with a normal sense of gain and loss, which is actually very ordinary, and the very organized problem-solving ideas in his mind are also disrupted. So in the end, sure enough, the result of the class test was so bad that the old teacher who tried to correct it with a red pen but could not write at all at the end looked at the whole handwriting trembling and fluttering. Liang Sheng, are you afraid of doing exercises and exams? At that time, Mr. Peng, who had been tutoring him for more than a month, seemed to be the first sentence he asked.
Can hear the sound of the trabeculae obviously frightened, the sweat on the nose is constantly sliding down, usually like a stuffy gourd closed tightly mouth for a long time also can not utter a word. Seeing this, teacher Peng Anliang, who was separated by presbyopic glasses, looked even more'dissatisfied '. But in the end, he did not say what he had taught the youngest'milk doll 'junior high school student so far, but silently frowned and left such a sentence in a serious tone. If you want to go on to a better school in the future, you have to accept from your heart that a student must face the exam normally. “……” "I have taught a lot of students. Some of them can't get good grades because of partial subjects, and some of them can't get good grades because of wrong learning methods. You are very different from what I predicted before. From next week, we will change the mode of one-to-one tutoring. In the future, I will not give you questions, but you will give me questions." “…… Me, I'll set the questions? "Yes, you can go to the bookstore to buy simulation questions or borrow textbooks for senior students. In short, before the next class, you can bring me ten complete papers. The questions are not allowed to be repeated. You are the teacher and I am the student. You can give me a test paper to test me. If I fail, we will continue the next stage of study." Hearing teacher Peng Anliang's ground-breaking words, the sound of trabeculae was obviously frightened. He didn't understand how he had become Mr. Peng's'teacher 'in a muddle, but because his tutor didn't say anything, he had to bite the bullet and do it. But he was a child who was still in school, and his eyes were completely blackened about the test paper, let alone the whole ten sets of test papers. He did not know how many points should be mixed in a type of question,Lamella Plate Settler, what is the ratio of each type of question itself, which are compulsory questions, and which are additional questions.

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