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While the black "color" vacuum hell has not disappeared, the outside players dare not rush in for the time being, and the foreigners trapped inside have lost their vision and hearing, and their blood volume has been greatly reduced. Because of the pain of being squeezed, their sensory sensitivity will also drop a lot. I went all out to call out Xiaohei, Xiaozi, Yaya and Xiaoying together, and kill the Germans around me with all my strength. Small purple is mainly for the outside small nine plus blood, black "color" vacuum hell within the time limit, may protect small nine not to be killed by those foreigners outside, and the rest of the few babies closely guard around me, forming a super cattle B kill team. As long as you pay attention to the attack from the outside of the vacuum hell, almost all the other opponents are unable to resist. The dark hell painted with bloody "color" in the dark fog is its true portrayal. Blackie is a natural killer, as long as he is staring at the target, no one can escape his sharp claws and sharp teeth, he is my pioneer, small shadow on my left,plastic bottle making machine, the iron hoof of the ghost horse in hell is simply a weapon specially used to trample on life, and although Yaya is the first time to come out with me to see the big scene, but there is no stage fright. I also dare not belittle her offensive power. I've never tried Dragon's Breath and Dragon's Tooth on a player before, and now I see it. Hey, it's really extraordinary. Unexpectedly, the silver-white dragon's breath is like a cold flame. Players who are hit by the dragon's breath seem to be poisoned by the slow sex. The burns will spread from the contact surface to other places. The first attack is not high,PET bottle Mold, but it will last for 30 seconds to lose blood, which adds up to about 1000. In other words, in addition to high-blooded swordsmen and knights, there are also professions such as sacrifice that can replenish blood by themselves. If other players do not drink the medicine in time and are not careful, they will lose their lives because of Yaya's humble skill. Chapter 461 the murderous look to the sky is also the devil two. Chapter 461 the murderous look to the sky is also the devil two. Throwing out the Hellfire Dragon Wave, I quickly swallowed a bottle of magic power recovery agent, raised the blades of my hands, and opened the violent attack. The blade of the seal and the ice soul were like the fangs of the devil, emerging with a breathtaking and gorgeous luster. The two dark red "colors" flashed in the darkness. He greeted the heavy figures around me crazily. Blood with body temperature splashed on my face, mixed with black dragon blood on my forehead, and flowed down the corners of my eyes, blurring my vision. I don't know whether the time limit of Xiao Jiu's black "color" vacuum hell is approaching, CSD filling line ,bottle blowing machine, or whether someone in the world has the equipment or "medicine" to resist the magic of black "color" vacuum hell, but two tall and strong orc fighters broke through the bondage of black vacuum hell and rushed straight behind me. There was a sudden pain in my back. I had been hit by a bright silver axe in the hand of a fighter. The damage value of -550 came out from the top of my head. Depend on it, this guy's lethality was really not low. He could hurt me so much in the golden monkey armor. He swallowed a blood pill in his mouth. I suddenly sank my shoulder to the right, slipped my feet, turned around in an instant, threw my left arm and raised my left wrist. Clenched in the hands of the ice soul ripper pulled out a strange arc, click, the dagger tore open the armor, mercilessly "inserted" into the fighter's chest, was next to a fighter machete cut at the same time, the ice soul ripper also brought out a snowflake flying ice roar, the two guys together with several Germans nearby, all frozen into popsicles. My little black just bit off a priest, immediately divided into three, like lightning into the frozen crowd, a bite, the enemy easily turned into white light. Small purple's magic value is about to see the bottom, small nine black "color" vacuum hell also began to gradually thin and fade, see this vacuum binding skills will be invalid. And Violet couldn't hold on any longer. Greeting a family, I began to shift the direction of the battle to the side of Xiao Jiu, while continuing to slaughter those foreigners who had little ability to resist. When we had just gathered around Xiao Jiu, the action time of the black "color" vacuum hell had finally passed.
As soon as the little ninety-eight heads were able to move, they immediately spit out a large mass of green "color" poisonous fog, which filled our surroundings and provided us with a protective net for the time being. In addition to the players who were slaughtered by my death killing squad in the black "color" vacuum hell, there are still thousands of people gathering around. Out of the panic and chaos, the emperor came to the world and surrounded us. Under such circumstances, I can't watch Xiaohei and Xiaozi accompany me to die, but now I call out Xiaojin and want to use it to escape, I'm afraid that under the collective "care" of so many archers and elements, I haven't flown high yet. Has been "shot" into a hedgehog or smashed into coke, the only way to dodge, is to use the shadow to escape, but at present the square is surrounded by many players, it seems to want to escape easily. It's not easy. You have to wait for an opportunity. Fifteen minutes have passed since Xiao Jiu began to show his power. In this quarter of an hour, a lot of things can happen, and they should have entered a good situation by attacking the Shining Legion, gaining an absolute advantage of "sex", and my task is completed. It doesn't matter to me whether I can leave here successfully without any damage. I never thought I was great. I don't think I'm full of dedication. I'm just a person, an ordinary person. I also have passion,water filling machine, impulse and blood, just like what I did today. I'm not all for the Skyscraper or the Bloodstained Territory. Even if one day others will regard me as a hero, I will not think so myself. This moment. I just want to take a gamble and see what I can achieve.

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