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Dr. Stick is an e-cigarette that is nicotine- and tar-free, yet delivers a "gulp" sensation in the throat. It has neither the unpleasant smell of cigarettes nor the need for troublesome maintenance.
Like a vape pod kit, it is a type that heats liquid and inhales vapor, but it is a cartridge type that can be used by simply inserting a dedicated POD. This makes it convenient to vape whenever you want to.
The dedicated POD was developed in collaboration with a Japanese flavor manufacturer, and is available in four flavors tailored to Japanese tastes.
How to use the Doctor Stick
Dr. Stick is fairly simple to use. Since there is no power source and no buttons, it is designed to work by simply attaching the dedicated POD and inhaling.
The sign of charging is when the light that glows when you inhale stops blinking. Connect the included USB cable to fully charge the battery in about 40 minutes.
The lamp glows red during charging, and charging is complete when the lamp turns green.
Actual review of the Doctor Stick
Here is a detailed review of the Dr. Stick, which shows that the reviews from users are true and that they were not the only ones.
About the Dr. Stick's smoking experience and taste
As a smoker, the author smoked Dr. Stick and was highly satisfied with the results, although there was a slight gap with the image.
First of all, the official website describes Dr. Stick as having a "thumping" sensation in the throat, but honestly speaking, I did not feel that much of a "thumping" sensation.
I have tried liquid-type vapes, but I feel that the stimulation is equivalent to that of a regular vape.
However, there are some cigarettes that are more or less stimulating than others, so I thought that those who do not usually smoke much or smoke lighter brands might be able to feel the stimulation even with the Dr. Stick. I think this all depends greatly on your smoking habits.
As for the flavors, I am satisfied with them, and I especially like "Strong Cigar". It has a deep, tobacco-like flavor, but without the unpleasant smell of tobacco, and it reminds me of only the good parts of tobacco, which gives it a luxurious flavor.
How does Dr. Stick feel?
The Dr. Stick starter kit (the main unit) comes with 1 USB cable/flavored POD. There is no instruction manual from the vape manufacturer. The kit is concise, with usage and charging instructions on the back of the package.
The usage is very simple: remove the cover attached to the POD and insert it into the main body to smoke. There is no power supply, and the POD only runs while you are smoking, so it is great to be able to smoke whenever you want.
The charging method is not difficult at all. Just connect it to the USB cable that comes with the device. It takes about 40 minutes to fully charge the battery. The lamp glows red while charging, and when the lamp turns green, it is a sign that the battery is fully charged. 40 minutes is a full charge, and you can take about 200 puffs.
One flavored POD can be used for approximately 290 vapes; you will not use up all of the POD in one charge.
About Dr. Stick's Cosmetics
If you are a paper cigarette or heated cigarette smoker and want to switch to Dr. Stick, it is quite cosmetic. Although Dr. Stick requires the purchase of the unit, it is still more economical than continuing to buy cigarettes.
As a comparison in terms of the number of times a cigarette can be smoked, it is generally said that one cigarette can be smoked about 10 times, and a box of 5 Dr. Sticks can be smoked a total of 1,450 times (about 290 times per POD).
Therefore, a box of Dr. Sticks costs 2,740 yen (including tax), which is equivalent to about 7 boxes of cigarettes. This is quite a bargain.
Advantages of Doctor Stick
There are two major advantages of Dr. Stick: First, it is nicotine- and tar-free, so it is not only harmless to the body, but also free of secondhand smoke and the unpleasant smell of cigarettes.
The first is that it is nicotine- and tar-free, so not only is it not harmful to the body, but there is no secondhand smoke or unpleasant smell.
Secondly, it is cheap, but you can smoke a lot. The price of one box of Dr. Stick is 2,740 yen (including tax), which is equivalent to about 7 boxes of cigarettes. It is definitely more economical than continuing to buy cigarettes, which have increased in price.
Disadvantages of Dr. Stick
One possible disadvantage of Dr. Stick is if you are not satisfied with the feel or taste of a cigarette, depending on your smoking habits and preferences. If you are a strong cigarette smoker like the author, there is a possibility that you may feel that you are not satisfied with the taste.
However, since Dr. Stick is nicotine- and tar-free, it may be useful in places or situations where smoking is not allowed.
Summary of types of e-cigarettes and points to consider when choosing one
Finally, for those who are looking for vape products, we will review the types and key points for choosing one. To begin with, Icos, Glow, and Plumtec are not e-cigarettes, as they are in the heated cigarette genre.
E-cigarettes are categorized as smoking devices that do not contain any nicotine or tar. Many people misunderstand this, so be careful.
There are four important points to consider when choosing an e-cigarette
1: Is it a good smoking experience?
Especially for those who have smoked before or are looking for a substitute for cigarettes, you will be able to use it for a long time if you choose one that you are satisfied with the feeling of smoking.
2: Ease of use
A type that is simple to use and requires no maintenance is also a key point for long-lasting use. It is also important that it does not take a long time to smoke after turning on the power, and that you can smoke whenever you want.
3: Ease of maintenance
Choose a type that is easy to clean and maintain, or one that requires no maintenance. We have heard stories of people who stop using e-cigarettes because of the hassle of cleaning them, or who continue to use them without cleaning them, resulting in malfunctions.
4?Easy to carry
There are many types of e-cigarettes in the world, but we recommend that you choose one that is small and easy to carry around.
The Dr. Stick meets all of the above four points. It is nicotine- and tar-free, so it is not harmful to the body, and it is also attractive in that it is cost-effective and does not require troublesome maintenance.
We definitely recommend Dr. Stick, especially to those who are going to start vaping.

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