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In this way, Tang Hao became the first of the whistling team to be forced out, but at this time Fang Rui had no time to pay attention to Tang Hao's expression. After understanding the clear tactical intention of the Xingxin team, a sense of dizziness made him almost unable to grasp his mouse. If it is in the competition field at this time, it looks like one less person, but it is an overall advantage. Xingxin in order to kill Tang Sanda, the loss of life is very serious, not to mention that they do not have treatment, even if there is treatment, in this case of low blood line may also be because the treatment speed can not keep up with one by one to gather fire away. But the problem is, this is not a competition. So Xingxin played without any consideration before, and now he runs even more happily. Where to run! Zhao Yuzhe roared, where can tolerate Xingxin at this time also completely retreat. Elemental mage high attack, strong map cannon, is the nemesis of Xingxin blood line when it is tottering. The sacrifice of the captain must not be wasted! At this time, Zhao Yuzhe still had faith in his heart, and his elemental mage rushed up like a battle mage. Watch out Fang Rui hurriedly shouted. He did not see what tactical arrangements Xingxin had. However, since the intention is so clear and definite, how can they have no arrangement at all for a complete retreat at this time? Let the roaring chase? In that case,Inflatable water park on lake, it's no different from asking for death. Intuition told Fang Rui, Xingxin's withdrawal, there is definitely a back hand, rashly catch up will be hit. But Zhao Yuzhe could not hear anything at this time. Although Fang Rui is a senior in the team, he has been famous for a long time. However, the wretched stream, in the end, is not on the table in the eyes of many people. What Zhao Yuzhe prefers is Tang Hao's strength and counterattack,Inflatable water obstacle course, but he doesn't appreciate Fang Rui's wretchedness from the bottom of his heart. Although in the vast majority of the time he did not dare to make a mistake in front of his predecessors, but at this time the blood surges, there is a pile of blood in front of him to kill, immediately ignored Fang Rui's reminder is not difficult to understand. Teleportation! Zhao Yuzhe is afraid to let any one of Xingxin escape. Directly sent his elemental mage into the enemy with teleportation, and wanted to kill all five of them. At the end of this transmission, an instant spell has been operated in the hand, and the character will be released as soon as the staff is lifted. (Zhao Yuzhe's character name has been wrong several times.) Finally, recall the previous text and lock it as "Shaoguang Change", which shall prevail!) Fang Rui saw Zhao Yuzhe so bold. Stunned. The opponent has little blood, but he is not dead yet. So ask big rash advance. Do you really think there are five copies of mobs dispelled by fear in front of you? Perhaps he would think that his heroic move would be a surprise blow to his opponent. Well, Fang Rui admitted in his heart that from the perspective of reverse psychology, such a stupid move is really quite unexpected. He only hoped that all of you in Xingxin were so wise that you would ignore such a stupid thing! Maybe Zhao Yuzhe's operation is very fast, and the other party's reaction is really not enough? But by this time, inflatable air dancer ,large inflatable water slide, Shaoguang has already fallen down. Fang Rui regretted that he could not see the expressions of the Xingxin people. Will they be surprised at this time. Will you admire Zhao Yuzhe's supreme courage? However, it seems that they have not relented at all, and the time has been overturned. Soon was picked empty, and then by Jun Mo Xiao and cold smoke soft force a falling flower palm. Directly sent back, followed by the shells fired by the orange wind of the rain. Xingxin, after all, the role of less blood, dare not continue to fight, two or three times to play Shaoguang change, and through his body to build the first block, and then, the use of long-range attacks to suppress a wave. The knights in the team wanted to rush up against the injury, but in the end they were stopped by Fang Rui. Why not!!! Zhao Yuzhe, who had just been sent back, had let his time change and climbed up from the ground, roaring like thunder. At that moment, his dissatisfaction with Fang Rui, the wretched master, finally reached its peak. The other side has been prepared, waiting for us will only be a trap. Fang Rui said. How do you know if you don't try? Cried Zhao Yuzhe. Didn't you try? Fang Rui asked in reply. Zhao Yuzhe immediately at a loss for words, he tried, but he wanted to say, he tried out, really not like Xingxin's careful preparation.
But why is this so? Because he's an idiot! His impulsive, hot-blooded, and self-domineering behavior, people do not need any elaborate traps to deal with. His behavior was so flawed that he was pinched over at the first time. But now let Zhao Yuzhe admit in front of Fang Rui that he had been an idiot just now, but he was unwilling. He still felt that if his operation could be faster for a moment, the five people lying on the ground would already be Xingxin. Go after it! Zhao Yuzhe avoided answering Fang Rui's rhetorical question, but greeted the other two as above. Captain Tang Hao was absent, and there were obvious differences in the roaring battle. The attention of the two players, Knight and Priest, was not entirely in the game at this time. They peeked at Fang Rui and Zhao Yuzhe outside the game together. In the end, they still did not move, Zhao Yuzhe is now the focus of training the future, but Fang Rui is currently the most senior old man in the team, plus the identity of the vice captain, two people did not move, but it is equivalent to agree with Fang Rui's decision. Zhao Yuzhe's Shaoguang rushed out, and found that the other two were not with him, and this time he did not dare to break into the Xingxin battle array alone. Had to also let the time change stop. Outside the game, he glared at the two players with his man-eating eyes. Fang Rui, he still dare not shout too much, but he is not afraid of these people at all. The whole training room was silent. There are only five people who can form a team to come to this nest. However,Inflatable mechanical bull, the other players in the team who did not enter the five-person group did not leave at this time. They also wanted to see what the egg was all about, but what they saw was that their own players had a conflict in such an online game activity. Most people feel very uneasy, but very few people are interested in watching what is happening in front of them at this time. Liu Hao. Give up the Thunder and transfer freely to the roaring Liu Hao.

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