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Are you in the market for a lace-front wig designed to meet your peculiar taste? The type you should buy depends on your want, budget, and what you intend to achieve. If you want a durable all-natural wig that satisfies your personal demands, Luvemehair lace front wigs should be the way to go.
You can style it in many different ways that you want, thanks to the company's impressive collection of all-natural lace front wigs. This guide will help you choose the best Luvmehair lace front wigs by showing you how to measure for the perfect fit and tips for choosing the right style that fits you perfectly.
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Why Choose Luvmehair Lace Front Wigs?

How to Measure for the Perfect Fit 

Tips for Choosing the Right Style

How to Care for Your Lace Front Wig


Why Choose Luvmehair Lace Front Wigs
When it comes to your hair care, you should be selective of the type of brands you patronize. You need a brand that understands your problems and how to solve them. Here are some reasons to buy your lace front wigs from Luvmehair.

The wigs are 100% human hair from one donor. They’re soft and durable, and you can restyle them to satisfy your preference.
Luvmehair has many different options you can easily access on its website. It has the 4C EDGES | REALISTIC AFRO KINKY EDGES front wig, the VALERIA VIOLET TAILS HIGHLIGHT DEEP WAVE front wigs, and the GLORIA CARAMEL REDDISH BROWN BODY WAVE front wigs among many others.
While all these wigs have different catches and features, one thing is similar; they're all quality and will look astonishingly beautiful on you if you style them right.
Luvmehair currently offers regular promotions and offers which let you buy some of these premium wigs at a discount.
All the hairs are available in different sizes, and you can use the style guide to help you make pinpoint selections.
The prices are some of the fairest that you can find anywhere.

How to Measure for the Perfect Fit
You must get your measurements right to avoid buying an expensive oversized wig. The entire process of measuring the wig isn’t arduous if you know how to do it. Here’s how to measure the Luvemehair lace front wig for the perfect fit.

Measure the circumference of the head. Ensure that you measure outside your hairline to get the perfect fit. Write down your measurement in inches after completing this step.
Measure your forehead to the nape of the neck. Place the tape on your forehead at the start of your hairlineand measure over the head to the nape. Write down the measurements.
The next step is to measure ear to ear across the top of your forehead. Ensure that you measure from the base of one sideburn to the other across the forehead.
Measure your ear across the forehead from hairline to hairline.
Next, you measure from the left temple to the right one over the back of your head.
 Lastly, you’ll have to measure the hairline across the nape of your neck.

That concludes how you can measure your head for the perfect fit for your lace front wigs. After noting down these measurements, you can use them to find the appropriate sizing for you.  
Tips for Choosing the Right Style
We all have different styles that work for us, and the key to unlocking your natural beauty is to select the perfect one. Here are some tips to help you choose the correct wig style.

Select the correct hair texture.

You can select the straight, curly, loose deep, wave, body wave, or other options that suit you. It all depends on personal preference. However, consider the straight hair type if you’ll wear the wig often because it’s the easiest to maintain.

Pay attention to the color.

It’s best to select a color that best complements your skin tone. Luvmehair has wigs that match every skin tone. If you’re skeptical about which style to pick, you can almost never go wrong with black.

Get the Lace Right

The lace is another aspect of your wig-buying process that you should endeavor to get right. Size, color, and texture are the three things that matter most.
Laces typically have three sizes, (4x4 closure wigs, 5x5 closure wigs, and 6x6 closure wigs. Higher numbers indicate a larger lace size, and you should know the size of the lace that fits you.
The lace color and texture are also essential to achieving the perfect fit. Opt for a lace color that matches your skin tone. Texture-wise, Luvmehair uses the best quality materials to construct its laces.

Choose the correct air length and density.

Lace front wigs are usually between 8 to 40 inches. As for the density, they have 150%, 180%, 200%, and 250%. Density is the thickness of the hair, and the higher the percentage, the thicker the. The length or density that you choose depends on you.
However, you should note that long wigs are naturally more expensive, and it’s the same with high-density wigs. If you want to buy long hair with high density, prepare to spend far more than the regular price.
How to Care for your Lace Front Wig?
Your lace front wig can only stand the test of time when you maintain it. Care of the wig like it’s your own hair. After all, it looks just like your natural hair when you wear it. Wash it regularly with a sulfate-free shampoo, but not too much.
Wash it twice monthly if you wear it every day. Avoid washing the wig more than twice. Don’t use too many oily products on the wig because it can look unnaturally oily. When you maintain your wig well, it’ll last years for you.
Luvmehair lace front wig is the perfect way to look natural without your natural hair. You can wear it anywhere and style it in different cute ways. All you need to do is buy one, care for it properly, and you won’t regret it. Everything you need regarding the Luvemehair lace front wigs is in this article.

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