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Because Murong Chenfeng's main purpose is to let the people of Qianyang City know that they attach importance to Aofang, so the inauguration ceremony of the patrol commander was arranged in the open space at the gate of the castellan mansion. The scene was so grand that the castellan mansion was surrounded by lanterns and colored streamers. At this time, the gate of the castellan mansion was already crowded with people. When they saw Murong Chenfeng and others coming out, everyone quieted down. Ao Fang and four other patrol captains followed Murong Chenfeng to the center of the open space. Murong Chenfeng stepped forward, looked around and said slowly, "Since there is no suitable candidate, the post of president of the patrol in Qianyang City has been vacant for a long time. It has always been represented by my housekeeper Feng Xingtian. After some investigation, the suitable candidate for the president of the patrol has been found.". He was one of the five people behind me. Onlookers have cast their eyes on the Aofang and others standing behind Murong Chenfeng, one by one not angry, all of them are masters of masters. Five people in addition to the proud side with a smile, all people are a serious face, all people are perturbed, there are expectations. Murong Chenfeng turned around and smiled at Ao Fang, "Ao Fang, get out of line.". As soon as Murong Chenfeng's voice fell,whirlpool bathtub, the other five patrol captains were all stunned. It's him? All five had the same question in mind. Read a book to concave such as Wang, read a book. Ao Fang walked to Murong Chenfeng with a smile. Ao Fang is the newly elected patrol captain. His own strength is beyond doubt. During his tenure as patrol captain, he managed Qianyang City in good order and contributed a lot. After some investigation, I announced that Fang is the new president of Qianyang City patrol! Ao Fang violent sweat, this reason is too far-fetched,4 person jacuzzi, right? I've been a patrol captain for more than three months, and I haven't done anything for more than three months, except to collect a protection fee from a tavern, so I can manage it well? Of course, the onlookers had no opinion, but the other four patrol captains were not happy. In particular, Cai Zejie, who has served as a patrol captain for many years, thought that Murong Chenfeng should choose himself, even if not directly announced, at least to a vote, endless swimming pool ,indoor endless pool, competition and so on? That's good. Kick yourself straight to the side. Looking back, what kind of person is this Ao Fang? The last time I met him in the pub, I found that he was just in the empty period. How could he be in the empty period after only a few months? The only impression that Aofang left on Cai Zejie at the tavern was that he was "overbearing." He had always heard about the fight between Aofang and Gu Junfeng, and was stirred up in a hubbub. He couldn't figure out why only Dongxu Fang could draw with Gu Junfeng at that time. There was a high-decibel cry from the crowd. It was all the exclamations of some proud admirers. See, I guess right, it's Ao Fang Da. Do Fang Da. There was no lack of young women among the spectators. Standing with the other four tough and ugly men, the originally handsome and incomparable Ao Fang appeared more prominent, like a little red in the green bushes. "Ao Fang Da", of course, there is a woman's voice, naturally there is a man's voice. All of these people have been paying attention to him since he took part in the selection of patrol soldiers, although he disappeared for three months after the selection. But in their hearts, the war between Aofang and Gu Junfeng became a much-told story after dinner and was widely circulated. Murong Chenfeng waved to the crowd to quiet down, followed by a wink to Feng Xingtian, Feng Xingtian took out the patrol commander token already prepared. Read the book to Wanshu Yingao Cafe Couplet, read the book Murong Chenfeng result token, personally handed the token to the right hand of Ao. Xie Chengzhu did not forget to thank Murong Chenfeng. Murong Chenfeng responded with a smile and said, "In the future, the city of Qianyang will depend on you to be the commander." "Lord of the city is so Zaipei subordinates.". Subordinates should do their best to work for the people of Qianyang City! After that, Ao Fang showed the presidential token of the patrol in his hand to all the people present, and the crowd once again burst into shouts. Murong Chenfeng again motioned to the crowd to be quiet and turned to look at the other four patrol captains. Are any of you not convinced? ?
Murong Chenfeng looked at the four with a smile. Observing the changes in the faces of the four. Subordinates dare not! Who dares to make a mistake in front of the castellan? To put it bluntly, I work for Murong Chenfeng. Are there any employees who have a problem with the boss? Yes, of course, but I dare not mention it face to face. So the four people still feel very uncomfortable about Ao Fang becoming the commander of the patrol, especially Cai Zejie. Murong Chenfeng smiled with satisfaction and looked around. "The inauguration ceremony is over. Let's all disperse." Hearing Murong Chenfeng's words, the onlookers slowly dispersed, and only those women turned their eyes step by step to the party who was walking into the castellan mansion with Murong Chenfeng. Murong Chenfeng and others came to the main hall of the city, "I have arranged another courtyard for you, your original courtyard is too small!" Then he looked at Feng Xingtian, "Xingtian, you can take Ao Fang to have a look later!" "Yes." Lord Xie Cheng, "" Ao Fang hurriedly thanked him. " Your original offering is an old piece of top-grade spar every year. From today on, it will be four pieces of top-grade spar every year! When Cai Zejie and Gu Junfeng heard Murong Chenfeng's words, they were all in an uproar. When did the worship of the patrol commander become so high? It's actually a thousand times as much as he offers in a year. Murong Chenfeng doesn't have to be so eccentric,endless swim spa, does he? Do you have any other requests? When they heard Murong Chenfeng's words, they were stunned again. Did the castellan have a problem with his brain today? How could he suddenly be so good to Ao Fang? First, let Ao Fang be the patrol.

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