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"Isn't there something good about my sister being so happy?" Liu Guiren, who was embroidering in the room, quickly put down his things and got up to meet him. Oh, sister, you don't know that I finally beat that woman. You didn't see the woman's face. You said it looked like a pig's face and you were afraid of insulting the pig. Shu Wan smiled so vividly that she lay on Liu Guiren's shoulder and gasped for breath. Oh? What made Gong Bin so angry? "My sister also knows that my father and Gong's father have always been rivals. Gong's aunt is the favorite concubine of the late emperor and presses me everywhere. I can't swallow this tone for a long time. I just pulled it back from the queen." "Tell me about it and let my sister have a good time." Liu Guiren also came to the spirit, so gossip news, listen to no harm to oneself. The younger sister also knew that the Gong family was rich, and Gong's food and clothing expenses were more than one grade higher than those of ordinary concubines. Everyone said in private that besides the queen and the queen mother, she had the most luxurious clothes on her body. Every time she met her, she would show off. The queen didn't say anything about her, but no one else could swallow it. They were all waiting to see her jokes. They had just avenged themselves. Ha ha, I'm laughing to death. "Oh, sister, say it quickly. What did Gong Pin do?"? Didn't the queen say anything? "How else to say that she is the queen, watching us fight back and forth,mobile garbage bin, she did not say a word, just behind the peacemaker, that skill we can not compare." Shu Wan still did not come back to the point, which made Liu Guiren very anxious. My good elder sister and younger sister are all worried to death. You should say it quickly. "Well, to put it bluntly, it's nothing. It's just a group of boring women sitting there talking about women's topics,collapsible bulk container, such as embroidery, clothing, makeup and so on. Harem life is dull, so they rely on these to pass the time." "And then what?" "And then." Shu Wan turned her eyes around and looked at Liu Guiren with a smile. "Thanks to the fragrant dew and Rouge that my sister sent me yesterday, I just went out of the door of Dongwei Palace and met Gong Wei. When I smelled the fragrance on my body, her two eyes were bigger than the cow's eyes. It was really funny." "How did the others react?" "It's too late for other people to envy me. They're all around me asking questions. I'm bored to death. Why didn't I find them so eloquent before?" "Haha, no wonder my sister is so happy. Gong Pin must be so angry that she has been outdone." "That's not true. I was very angry all the way. After seeing the queen, the queen asked, saying that she had never smelled such a strange fragrance of Rouge and praised her sister." "Oh, this is used by my sister. Of course, plastic trash bins ,plastic pallet manufacturer, it's a compliment to my sister. How can it be said to my sister?" "Oh, why not? I told the queen that my sister got it specially for me. It was the only one in the world. Gong Wei's face was as ugly as a pig's face. No matter how good the thing she used was, it was only a precious one. Even the queen envied it." "I'm flattered. It's not precious at all. It's just ordinary material." "Well, ordinary materials can make unusual things, and this is the level.". So what if the things they use are precious? Musk, civet, castoreum and the like are precious, and only rich and noble families can afford to use the things made of this material, but those things fall into the stereotype when compared with the flower Rouge. "Look at what my sister said. It's not so good. It's just for the sake of freshness. The things in the palace don't use these ordinary materials." "Oh, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. A good thing is a good thing. The queen wants one." "Huh?" Liu Guiren surprised, eyes will not turn, although she has this aspect of psychological preparation, but did not expect so soon, Shu Wancai first day of use let the queen move. Why did I come back so late? The queen told me alone that she was tired of using the things prepared by the palace and felt that the fragrance on my body was quite fresh, so she asked her sister to get another one.
It won't be too much trouble. "Since the queen wants, of course, my sister tries her best, but she doesn't know what the queen wants."? Rouge? Gouache? Fragrant dew? Different things have different production processes and take different time, and the second is whether it is troublesome or not. "Then the fragrant dew. The queen says she hasn't used it yet. The ointment provided by the palace is too greasy. She never uses it." "Then ask your sister to reply to the queen, and your sister must finish it in the shortest possible time." "Then it's settled. Let's have breakfast together. I'm starving." "The elder sister forgot not to mention the younger sister and just talked.". Xuemei. "Miss, it's all ready." Xuemei was waiting outside the door, and they were ready while Shu Wan and Liu Guiren were talking. This breakfast time is extremely long, Shu Wan may be because of the relationship between Gong Pin, the mood has been very excited, kept talking to Liu Guiren, unconsciously also revealed some secrets in the palace, her enmity with Gong Pin, the queen's preferences and so on, Liu Guiren secretly wrote down all for later use. Seeing Shu Wan off, Liu Guiren had just told Xuezhu the information that Shu Wan had leaked to her about the empress and told her to start work immediately. There were guests visiting outside. The concubines in the West Six Palaces came to visit one after another. This was the second time that Liu Guiren saw them after Shu Wan took her from house to house last time, which made her feel a little overwhelmed. As soon as the women sat down, they didn't leave. On the surface, they said they came to see Liu Guiren. After a few words, the topic turned to Shu Wan. She was particularly interested in the Rouge she used. Liu Guiren understood their thoughts and laughed with them in her stomach, but refused to come down and deliberately fished for them. Now that she is living in Dongwei Palace,heavy duty plastic pallet, of course, first of all, she should have a good relationship with Shu Wan. Her friendship with other people is limited to nodding and saying hello when they meet. She doesn't have to be too close or too distant.

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