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At Yale, Huiyin quickly gained the favor of professors and classmates. After three years of study at Penn University, she has laid a solid foundation in fine arts. Her drawing design ability is far higher than that of other students who study dance design. After complicated and precise architectural design training, Huiyin felt relaxed and happy to learn stage art design. She loved drama and participated in theatrical performances. When she was designing dance beauty, she could feel the theatrical space on the stage, not only considering the visual effect of the stage, but also considering the transformation of scenes on the stage and the scheduling of actors. Whenever it was time to hand in homework or when the exam was approaching, the American students would ask Huiyin for help. Steward Cheney was the youngest girl among her classmates. She was smart and self-willed. She often argued and got angry with her classmates for a little thing. Huiyin, like a big sister, calmed down and resolved the disputes among these girls, and always tried to appease little Cheney, analyze the script with her, and help her finish her homework. At the same time, Sicheng's research at Harvard is not going well. It took him three months to read all the information he could find about Chinese architecture. After analyzing and studying the materials written by these foreigners, he found that their understanding of Chinese architecture was only superficial, lacking essential discovery and research, not to mention that some of them were fundamentally wrong. He found his tutor and explained to him that he needed to return to China for field visits, collect information and submit his doctoral dissertation two years later. At the same time, Huiyin finished her six-month study of dance design. Four years of study abroad life is coming to an end,thermal imaging camera, the wanderer is going home, and the days are suddenly tense and lively. It seemed that the relatives of the motherland and the unknown future had suddenly become within reach. They said goodbye to the University of Pennsylvania where they had lived for four years, to their teachers and classmates, and to the sunny woods and grasslands. They had a good memory of this place in their hearts. Sicheng and Huiyin are going back to China, and their relatives in Beijing are busy. Sicheng was Liang Rengong's favorite eldest son, and Huiyin lost his father. Rengong worried about their marriage in every detail. He drew up a detailed plan, which was carried out both at home and abroad. Sicheng and Huiyin are abroad,outdoor digital signage displays, and the wedding is carried out according to the rules of foreign countries. He arranged for Sicheng and Huiyin to go to Canada from the United States first. According to Western customs, they held a ceremony in the church. The wedding ceremony was organized by their eldest daughter Sishun and son-in-law Zhou Xizhe. After her marriage, she traveled to Europe, inspected foreign buildings, and then returned home. The elders and relatives of both sides are in the country, and the engagement, writing and ceremony are all carried out according to the old rules of the country. Domestic affairs are handled for them by their families. In his letter to Sicheng and Huiyin on December 12, 1927, Liang Qichao described in detail the preparations for their engagement ceremony at home in Beijing. On December 18, 1927, after holding an engagement ceremony for Sicheng and Huiyin at home, Liang Qichao wrote a letter to Sicheng and Huiyin with joy: …… I am very happy in spirit for your betrothal gift these days. How can you not be happy when you grow up from a "little one" (who has gone through all kinds of disasters) in your arms to an adult with promising conduct and knowledge, and when you see that you are going to have a happy marriage and will soon return to my country and return to my arms? Today, the ceremony at home in Beijing was very solemn and lively, temperature screening kiosk ,Interactive digital signage, and Tianjin was also quite a little embellishment. My younger brothers and sisters and I played happily for half a day. Think of your mother can not stay for a few years, see today, can not help but feel a little sad, but she is out of the dust, on the other shore must be smiling. As long as the wedding is solemn and not extravagant, as long as the clothes and jewelry are quite passable, everything will be redone at home, and I would rather save some money for travel expenses. I've figured out your return trip from Europe. Travel to Europe after marriage Liang Qichao, like countless parents in China, "wants his children to be successful", but his love for children has both traditional characteristics and modern consciousness. In life, he cares for the children in every possible way; in spirit, he guides the children with good guidance; in school, he requires the children with high standards. He treats children equally and democratically, respects their choices of life and career, and provides all possible conditions for their success.
His omnipresent ideological and emotional power imperceptibly leads the life path of the next generation of the Liang family. His letters to his children are our window into the spiritual world of that generation of scholars. When Liang Rengong wrote these letters to his beloved child, he was already seriously ill. In early 1926, he underwent surgery at Peking Union Medical College Hospital to remove his right kidney due to hematochezia. After the operation, the source of the disease was not found. The hematochezia was still light and heavy, and a little fatigue would lead to long-term urinary retention. But he has always treated the disease with a very philosophical attitude, and "reported good news and not bad news" to his children. As always, he reads, writes and learns, and has made many long-term writing plans. On February 12, 1928, the Spring Festival was coming. Liang Rengong, who returned home from the hospital for the Spring Festival, was still full of earnest concern and love in his letter to Sicheng: Sicheng, I have got a telegram from my sister, telling you that you are going to have a wedding in March. I can give you five thousand yuan or three thousand US dollars. I have told my sister the details. In this day and age, I feel quite short of money for such a large sum of money. But this is related to your knowledge. I will do my duty only if I become you. I am sending you more than ten business cards. You can take them with you when you visit the embassies in Europe. Throw me a piece, greet them, ask them to greet, should be more convenient. You can't stay in Europe without using your embassy as a correspondent, or you won't get a word from your family for months. When you get to Europe, send extra letters home (postcards are best) to let me know how you are getting along. In March 1928, Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng held a wedding ceremony in Ottawa, Canada, after five years of love. At that time, Sicheng's brother-in-law Zhou Xixian was the Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in Canada. Because she could not buy a Chinese-style wedding dress in Canada, and Huiyin did not want to wear the same Western-style wedding dress, she designed a cheongsam style skirt, especially the headdress,temperature scanning kiosks, which was unique. On both sides of the crown-like hat, there was a long veil hanging down, which was both classical and full of national sentiment. The tassels in the middle of the hat are beautiful and unique. This may be the first creative attempt of the "national form" she pursued all her life.

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