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"Dragons don't exist." Herron said flatly, "Two hundred years ago, Codes of Firelands killed the last dragon.". I don't know what we saw, but it wasn't a dragon. "But they took us to the sky!"! There are at least a hundred in that hall. "I guess it's all magic." There was no interest in Herron's voice. It looks like a dragon anyway. Shuanghua said stubbornly, "I always want to see dragons, since I was a child.". The dragon is flying in the sky, breathing fire. "They used to crawl in puddles and spew out nothing but stench." Herron said, lying down on the wooden bed. "And he's not very big. He often collects firewood." "What I've heard is that they collect treasure." Shuanghua said. And firewood. "Hey," Herron brightened suddenly, "did you notice the houses they passed when they brought us here?"? I think it's great! There are good things everywhere, and if you count the tapestries, they must be worth a lot of money. He scratched his chin thoughtfully in a voice like a porcupine humping gorse. What will happen next? Asked Shuanghua. Herron stuck a finger in his ear, twisted it, pulled it out, and looked at it absently. "Oh," he said,Walking tape measure, "I think, in a minute, the door will burst open and they will drag me away to a place like a temple arena. I may have to fight with a few giant spiders or eight-legged slaves from the Krach jungle, and then I'll go to the altar to save the princess and kill a few guards or other things on the side. Then the girl told me the secret way to escape, and then we took some horses and ran away with the treasure. Herron leaned his head back on his hands and looked at the ceiling, whistling tunelessly. Such a big set? Shuanghua said. That's generally the case. Shuanghua sat on her bed and thought hard. It's hard to concentrate now because his mind is full of dragons. The dragon! Since the age of two,Adhesive fish ruler, his young mind has been captured by the pictures of these fire beasts printed in the Eight Colors Immortal Story. His sister tells him that dragons don't exist in reality. To this day, he still remembers how disappointed and sad he was. He felt that the world could not be a world without these beautiful creatures. Later, when he was apprenticed to the chief accountant of Nelitz, he was completely discouraged. His world was a million miles away from the world with dragons, and he was too busy to dream. However, there seems to be something wrong with the dragons in front of us. They are too small and smooth compared with the dragons in his mind. The dragon should be tall, turquoise, with sharp claws, exotic colors, and should breathe fire.. They're supposed to be big, green things with long, Walking measuring wheel ,fish measuring tape, pointy.. Something moved at the end of his vision, in the farthest, darkest corner of the dungeon. When he turned to look, the thing was gone, but he was sure he heard a faint sound of claws scraping a stone. Herron? His name is. There was a snore from the wooden bed next to it. Shuanghua walked along the wall to the corner and carefully poked the stone on the wall with her finger. Maybe there's a secret passage or something. Just then, the door slammed open and smacked against the wall. Five or six guards rushed in, lined up, landing on one knee, their weapons aimed at Herron without exception. Later, when Shuanghua remembered this detail, she felt that they had clearly ignored themselves by doing so, which was really too much. Herren grunted again. A woman strode into the room. Not many women walk like that when they're striding, but she does. She glanced at Shuanghua, her eyes like an empty bed, and then stared down at the man sleeping on the bed. Like the Dragon Riders, she was clad in leather armor, but with much less material. That little bit of leather, with her waist-length reddish brown hair, was a concession to the standards of decency in the world (and in the Discworld). There was also a thoughtful look on her face. Herren grunted, rolled over, and went back to sleep. With a slight movement of her hand, as if it were a rare treasure, she drew a slender black dagger from her belt and stabbed it down.
Halfway through the dagger, Herron's right hand jerked out, as if the hand could move from one point in space to another, with no intermediate process at all. With a bang, the hand clenched on the woman's wrist, and the other hand reached out to the sword she was wearing, although the sword was no longer on her body. Herron is awake. Uh He frowned inexplicably and looked up at the woman. Then he spotted the guard with the crossbow. Let it go Said the woman, in a voice as calm as a silver bell. Herron slowly released his hand. She stepped back, rubbing her wrists and staring at Herron. Eyes like a cat staring down a rat hole. So At last she said, "You've passed the first hurdle.". What's your name, savage? "Who do you call a barbarian?" Roared Herron. That's what I want to know. Herron slowly counted how many guards there were, and then did a little calculation. His shoulders slumped. This is Herron from Firelands. What about you "Dragon Lady Li Yesha." "The queen of this place?" "Not necessarily yet.". Herren from Fireland.You look like a professional swordsman. I can hire you.. Of course, the premise is that you can pass the test. There are three levels, and you have passed the first one. "The rest." Herron stopped, his lips wriggling silently,Surveyors tape measure, and finally decided to risk seeing if his subtraction was right. What about two? "Very dangerous." "Reward?" "It's priceless." "Excuse me." Shuanghua said. What if I don't pass? Herron ignored Shuanghua. He and Riesa looked at each other, and there was a little spark of charm in the air. If you hadn't passed the first hurdle, you'd be dead by now. It says a lot about the future. ?

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