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"No." Song Tiandi replied in the dark, "Qinglong, who was in charge of tracing, didn't find out twice." After a silence in the red coffin, he added, "There has been no news from Xuanwu." "Yes!" "He definitely has a chance to do that," said Song Tiandi. "So he betrayed us?" Inside the red coffin, he laughed angrily and said, "The Heavenly Horse and the Five Elements will be killed!" "Subordinates are here!" The five men who immediately stood in silence answered in unison. Target one, kill the traitor, Xuanwu. "Yes!" "As for the whereabouts of the rosefinch," said Song Tiandi again in the dark, "I think it may have fallen into the hands of the God Ma Yi in Liao's mansion." "Ugh!"! The man in sackcloth is now in a yellow tiled house. The man in the red coffin suddenly chuckled and said, "It's the house of Mr. Jing Da, who is called Jing Miaoshou, the'Miraculous Doctor and the King of Hell 'in the capital city." Song Tiandi's voice was still so deep and cold. He replied slowly, "Yes, that house is the unknown villa of Jing Miaoshou." "Send the White Tiger to do it." "Yes!" Song Tiandi answered and went on to say, "However, the big event in the market at the moment is to talk and laugh about the'Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea '." "Hey, hey,sonicator homogenizer, that's good." There was a burst of laughter in the red coffin, and the voice said, "Actually, the people who broke into the eight gambling games are not talking and laughing." Song Tiandi calmed down and asked lightly, "So who is behind the scenes?" "Leng Minghui!" Inside the red coffin burst into wild laughter and said, "Mr. Leng Da, the best Zhuge in the world,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, picked up Yan Qianshou, who had the magical power to gamble. Ha ha ha.." ??? "Talking and laughing, go to pick the 'Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea' '?" Of Tianma Gambling Workshop. " When Xuan Luoshen heard the news, Wu Yinyin ran to tell her out of breath. Hong Bie Qi, who was beside him, frowned greatly. What is he going to do? Hong Bie shook his head with a giggle and said, "It's impossible for him to leave his wife, who is about to give birth, to find a new lover." So, there must be another purpose. Wu Yinyin tugged at Xuanluo's sleeve and said in a hurry, "Sister Xuan, let's go and have a look." Seeing her in such a hurry, Xuan Luoshen couldn't help laughing and said, "It's not Mr. Du who went up to break through the barrier. Why is my sister in such a hurry?" Wu Yinyin blushed and stamped his foot. "Who knows what will happen in the future?"! Don't you think it's strange to say it again? Xuanluo God thought it was very strange. However, tonight she and Liu Jin agreed to exchange the key for her father, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, during which she did not want any accidents to happen. Let's go and see about it first. Hong Bie Qi said thoughtfully, "Maybe we can get some information we want to know from this." Since Hong Bie Qi said so, of course, Xuanluo God has no opinion. Others will not know, we Xuan beauty heart is also how much want to see what is going on. Because, the person who breaks through the barrier is talking and laughing. ??? "What do you think of this matter?" The deep and powerful voice came from a man who had walked through the door of life and death several times. No matter what the opinion is. "We must all go and see," replied the cold young man sitting opposite, "to finish something." "Very good." Deep laughter rose and said, "The appearance of Xiang Ten-year and Murong Chunfeng will definitely make the eight gambling games of Tianma Gambling Workshop more interesting!" This person is to ten years, once had many names to ten years, he is really in the capital. Sitting on the opposite side of the ten years is Murong Chunfeng, who grits his teeth and swallows blood from anger and humiliation. If you want to ask Murong Chunfeng what he wishes for in his life, the answer is very simple. Is to kill Luoyang Tian Gongzi Dongfang Hanxing, Yuwen Pan, Ouyang Xianxiang and Fangzang, before killing these four people, but also to kill Du Sanjian and Wang Wangshi. But the one person he hated most in the world, the one person he would have shouted to kill in his dreams, was laughing. Because he loves Yin Xiaoyue crazily, and the person that Yin Xiaoyue loves is talking and laughing. Because he thought that Yin Xiaoyue owed too much kindness to the Murong family, so he had to repay each other, but he did not expect Yin Xiaoyue to be "ungrateful" in order to talk and laugh. Of course, "ingratitude" is Murong Chunfeng's own feeling.
To ten years and Murong Chunfeng from the tea shed both stood up, the bamboo hat covered the face, can not hide the anger flashing in the eyes. ??? The hall of Tianma Gambling House has been completely emptied, and the platform has been neatly built. Tianma Gambling House is indeed a world-famous gambling house. Even the wood used in this gambling table is the trunk of Phellodendron transported from Huashan Mountain. This kind of trunk not only has fragrance, but also has great support. Wave after wave of people poured in, filling all around the stage, and we talked about the big childe sighed and turned around. Damn it, Du Sanjian and Wang Wangshi, the two guys who called their friends, did not know where to go. Talking about the big childe sighed, jumped on the table, and suddenly applauded around, which could be heard clearly inside and outside. There is a square table on the elevated platform, on which a huge iron bowl has been placed. Inside the bowl was a deep and dark dice, heavy and clinging to the bottom of the bowl. On the opposite side stood an old man with a goatee in his fifties. His five withered fingers were like branches in winter, and his eyelids were half open. This is a hundred percent quenched iron bowl. The old man smiled and said, "These three dice are made of steel balls. They have great magnetic force." He nodded with a smile and replied, "I see. How can I win or lose?" "Just follow the rules of the dice." The old man with a little sheep's beard reached out his hand and grabbed the three dice between his fingers. He smiled coldly and said, "Zhuang doesn't cheat customers. If two people count equally, you will pass." With these words, he threw it into the air with a loud shout. The dice spun in midair, as if there was a whirl of Qi between them, and the force on the magnet did not work under this return force. Ding! Three dice fall into the iron bowl, and the right one is three sixes,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the largest number of points. Talking and laughing seemed to have long expected this result. From the other side's hand, he did not doubt that there would be a leopard idea. Because, this technique is just like what Mr. Leng Da told him.

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