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Our waitress came over and delivered our latest round of drinks. Before she could leave, Anabelle piped up.

“Excuse me, this isn’t what I ordered.”

The waitress turned back to us, painting on a patient expression.

“Sangria, right?”

Anabelle rolled her eyes. “Yes, but white sangria.”

With a grimace-smile, the waitress picked up the offending red sangria.

“Sorry about that. I’ll be right back.”

Anabelle turned to us. “I ordered white sangria, right? I mean I specifically said white.”

We commiserated, as good friends do, but to be honest I wasn’t sure. For all her charms, Anabelle could be a little rude and demanding, and her I Know What I Want attitude often came across as abrasive to strangers. When the waitress returned with and faux-smile and the ‘correct’ sangria, I could see she was having trouble veiling her contempt to find an escort in Lima

In the midst of my musings, I felt a hand on the back of my shoulder and a low female voice cooed in my ear…

“I thought that was you.”

Turning, I was startled to see the pinup girl from one of our recent sexcapades at your apartment. It had only been a month or so, but somehow she looked even more beautiful. Her ample curves accented by her figure-hugging dress, her flawless skin glowing under the soft lights… I could feel myself turn instantly pliant and deferential in her presence.

I barely managed to stammer out introductions and knew I’d have some explaining to do once she left. What I hadn’t counted on was her deciding to cash in on the agreement the two of you made concerning me…

“If I ever want to amuse my friends at a party, or I run into you on the street or in a bar, I want to be able to use you and your body the way he does. Agreed?”

I had demurred to you, of course. And of course, you readily agreed. Your words came back to me, making my body tingle…

“I’ve been looking for someone to share you with, slut.”

Leaning in so only I could hear her, she clearly took delight in telling me (in no uncertain terms), “My friends and I are having a private party upstairs. I’ll let your Master know you’re going to finish your drink and join us. Feel free to bring your friends…”

She ran one finger from my collarbone down my arm to my wrist, sending a shiver up my spine. With a “Nice dress,” she was gone, and I turned to answer my friends’ raised eyebrows who were astonished from Peru callgirls.

“That was, um… He brought her home once, and they… I mean, we all…”

Violet’s eyes grew as wide as her smile. “God, that is so hot. I still can’t believe you have an actual Dominant. It’s crazy sexy.”

Anabelle was less convinced.

“It’s something alright… Are you sure you were okay with that? He didn’t force you?”

I smiled, taking my turn to blush.

“Of course he forced me. And I let him, and I was very, very, very okay with it.”

Violet shook her head in awe. “Fifty Shades has nothing on you.”

We all laughed then, and Anabelle shrugged. “As long as you promise you’re all right.”

“I promise. It’s 1000 percent consensual.”

As if on cue, my phone chimed with a text from you: I hear you’re to be out on loan tonight, pet. Be a good little puppy for your Mistress. She’s agreed to take lots of pictures and videos for me, so I expect to see you on your best behavior.

Frowning into her empty glass, Violet shifted gears.

“Should we get another round?”

“Actually, I um…” I could feel my face flush as I tried to tell my friends that I’d been summoned upstairs by the pinup girl, and what that entailed. When I finally did, Anabelle pursed her lips and Violet gasped, eyes wide. I smiled at her, such a fan of her enthusiasm. “She said I could bring my friends.”

Anabelle laughed and left some money for her tab.

“Well, that is definitely my cue to leave. You loves have fun.”

She air-kissed both of us and cautioned me again to make sure I was respected and taken care of. Only after assuring her once again that this was my choice (and preference) did she relent and take her leave. I turned back to Violet, who nervously chewed her lip.

“Do you think… Would they just let me watch? Or will I have to, you know… Participate?”

I shook my head and took her hand.

“This kind of play is consensual. No one will make you do anything you don’t want to do. If my Master trusts her to honor that, then I do, too.”

A broad smile took over Violet’s ample mouth. She squeezed my hand. “Okay. I’m in.”

The only entrance to the VIP lounge upstairs was a gilded elevator. A security guard took my name and who had invited me up, then conveyed the information through a Bluetooth device tucked snuggly in his ear.

When the elevator descended, the doors opened to reveal dark lacquer, plush velvet, and walls of mirrors surrounding my Mistress for the night. She grinned when she saw me with Violet and made room for us to enter.

“Two pretty puppies, what a pleasant surprise…”

Violet cleared her throat. “Actually, I’m… I would just like to... Observe. If that’s okay.”

My Mistress clucked her tongue. “Suit yourself.” Then she turned to me, instructing me to lift my hair. Violet’s mouth fell open as she watched me being fitted with a collar and leash. I did my best to focus on my Mistress, and not my friend’s reactions. Though just knowing all that Violet would be witness to was already adding to my humiliation. The thought of it had been thrilling enough, but the reality of it made my panties wet.

Mistress squeezed my ass and cooed, “There. Now everyone will see right away that you’re my plaything, pet. I talked to your Master, and he wants you to be on your best behavior for me, understood?”

I lowered my lashes and eked out a small “Yes, Mistress.” She yanked my leash, pulling me closer.

“What was that?”

Looking out from under my lashes, I spoke up. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl.”

The elevator doors opened, and we were treated to rooftop views of the city skyline. There was an open-air balcony, but most of the roof was enclosed in a dome of glass, lit with small, soft lights strung across the ceiling. Plush furniture placed throughout the room featured a dozen or so people, relaxing, drinking, and chatting. All of them looked like they’d stepped out of fashion ads, in varying colors and genders, but all gorgeous in their own right. Mistress gestured to a settee for Violet, telling her to “get comfortable.” Violet scampered off and did as she was told, already feeling the effects of someone who holds natural command over others.

Then my Mistress proudly led me into the center of the room.

“I promised you all a treat tonight, and here she is.”

Murmurs of approval swept the room, as I felt a dozen pair of eyes drinking me in. I also noticed a waitress tending to the group. She looked at me and then Violet, and then proceeded to distribute glasses of champagne.

Leading me over to a dashing man on the couch, my Mistress told me to kneel. I complied quickly, and she smiled at the man.

“Happy birthday,” she cooed.

The man smirked, undressing me with his eyes.

“Oh, babe. You really should have, and I’m so glad you did…”

Caressing my face, the man ran his fingers along my lips.

“Open,” he commanded. When I obeyed, he smiled up at my Mistress. “So well-trained.”

She laughed. “Oh, you have no idea…”

Nudging my ass with her foot, she started throwing out random commands for me.

“Beg. Pant. All fours. Ass in the air. Now shake it. Faster.”

My embarrassment was compounded by the laughter that floated through the room, but being the subject of her demands and humiliation only soaked my panties even more.

She must’ve remembered that happening last time because she pulled my up by my leash and instructed me to sit next to the birthday boy. Then she sat on my other side.

“The best part is how much the little slut loves being bossed around. Feel how wet she is.”

Pushing his hand up my skirt, her beau slid my panties aside and used his fingers to ply me open and stroke the wetness between my legs.

“Christ. And we’ve barely even touched her.”

My Mistress advised him to fondle me elsewhere, lest he make me come too soon. He gladly ran his hands over other parts of my body, taking the liberty to squeeze and stroke and pinch as he pleased. He smiled as I wriggled under his touch.

Meanwhile, the waitress pulled my Mistress aside and spoke to her in low tones. Then she disappeared down the elevator.

After a short time of being fondled, watched, and photographed, the elevator doors opened again. This time the VIP waitress was joined by the woman who had been our server downstairs. She laughed outright when she saw me.

Taking my leash, my Mistress pulled me up off the couch, my dress is quite a state of disarray. Taking me back to the center of the room, she made an announcement.

“It seems that our pet has a very rude friend. Unfortunately, that friend isn’t here, so their server has requested to punish our little pet instead.”

I glanced at Violet, who couldn’t look more shocked if she tried. I snuck a small smile at her to reassure her that I was okay, then quickly returned to a contrite and penitent expression, so my Mistress wouldn’t increase my punishment. Thankfully, she was too busy leading me to the side of the couch, where she instructed me to bend over.

Doing as I was told, I found myself with my tits all but spilling out of my dress, right in front of the birthday boy’s face. He tsk’d at me and smiled.

“Such a naughty puppy.”

Behind me, hands gripped my skirt and pulled it up over my hips. Then my Mistress reached around and pulled my top down, exposing my tits for her man. She smiled sweetly at him.

“Feel free to punish these while we’re at it.”

Happily complying, Birthday Boy set to work on my tits. I couldn’t help a little writhing and moaning, which my Mistress did not appreciate. She yanked down my panties and gave my ass its first smack.

“Hold still, slut.”

I did my best to obey, and felt my Mistress step away as she told the waitress to enjoy herself.

The waitress’ smirk was audible.

“Oh, I will…” She gave my ass a few hard spankings, then stopped. “Wait… Film this for me. I have another table of two snotty bitches downstairs. Showing them what happens to rude girls oughta shut them up.”

The VIP waitress stepped back with a phone in hand, and I noticed Mistress was also filming. It was a show you would be sure to enjoy. The rest of the people in the room had all gathered in a little closer for a good view, and I saw Violet among them, seemingly unable to tear her eyes away.

Our offended waitress set to work on me, and was clearly pissed. Something told me she’d waited a long time to take out her frustration on one of the many “snotty bitches” she encountered at her job. Grabbing my hair and pulling my head back, she used her other hand to thrash my naked bottom over and over.

“Say you’re sorry, slut,” she demanded.

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