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Thick virgin wheat to honey blonde hair

4.5 inch thick uncut blonde hair with an amazing array of colors, ranging from light wheat to amber-honey to strawberry blonde. My hair is very thick, but the texture is very fine, making it sleek and soft.

My hair has not been heat treated in over two years (i.e. never blow-dry, never curled or straighten). Hair is washed every 5-7 days, so my natural sheen is well intact. No smokers in my household. I live a healthy, active lifestyle.

As stated above, I have not yet cut off my locks, so the exact length is not yet known, however it will be 11 – 12 inches. I will be getting it cut on Oct 6th, so the buyer will be able to give instruction on braiding vs ponytail prior to that date. Hair cutting video will be available upon request.

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