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Stunning VIRGIN Lush dark hair

Luxurious, dark brown- ‘Portuguese Black’, VIRGIN hair. Grown specifically for sale purposes. Exceptionally well cared for. Washed with specialized shampoos and conditioners with no sulfates or other harsh chemicals. It’s natural gold and red highlights in its dark, nearly black color are beautiful and shine in certain lights.

Hair holds curl for hours, was curled in 2011 for my wedding before my last cut and held all day and into the following day. Has been dyed 15 years ago and held color exceptionally well. This particular cut has never seen dye, curl, or even a blow dryer.

Excellent thickness, lovely weight. Cut once yearly (not cut in 2020 due to Covid) to take any thin ends off (usually 4-6 inches off) so it is thick all the way to the bottom. Last photo is from summer 2020 and the hair is 6-8” longer now.

25-30” are available for negotiations. PayPal only, I ship priority direct to lower 48 states. I am open to negotiating how close a cut for the correct offer which could yield up to 35-36 inches. Half up front before cut, half after cut with tracking number.

Thank you for your interest!

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