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Natural and exceptionally thick blond hair

General: I am European (Norwegian/Dutch). My Hair is Virgin (NEVER dyed or colored), it is really thick, 20+ inches (about 50 cm) of length available, approximately 5 inches (12 cm) in diameter, NOT yet cut and will wait to professionally cut after transaction has been organized.

Hair Color: Multi-toned Blonde (light-blonde, golden-blonde, strawberry-blonde, wheat-blonde, warm sand-blonde, honey-blonde, ash-blond)

Hair type: Soft very strait (appaeres like a little waivy on the photos because they had been in bread)

Hair Care: Roots are washed x2 per week (to preserve natural oils) with non-sulfate/non-paraben/non-silicone shampoo and conditioner, heat is NEVER applied (I only air dry my hair), ends trimmed every 8-12 months, styled in a protective braid or coil bun for sleeping.

Personal Health: I have NEVER smoked and neither does anyone around me, I am sporty and have a healthy diet.
Why I am selling: I want to change completely my look

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