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22″ Virgin Medium Blond 4″ thick hair

Hair is very thick, a little over 4″ thick (diameter) at the pony tail when squeezed tight. From where it will be cut to tip is actually 24″ when pulled straight but practically more like 22″ as you can see on the tape measure in the picture. Slight wave. Could maybe go a little longer if you wanted to pay a premium.

Virgin hair, no coloring or chemicals, and doesn’t blow dry, iron, or curl hair. Medium blonde with various shades and highlights.

Have a professional available to cut hair, but buyer can choose how it’s cut. It has not been cut yet and video can be provided.

Non smoker, and non smoking household. Hair is brushed from ends, washed less frequently to preserve natural oils, oiled with argan oil etc as needed, and braided at night to protect hair.

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