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20″/50 cm Virgin Black Straight Hair

20″ (~50 cm) of completely virgin 2 5/8″ (7 cm) thick black hair with dark brown highlights in the sun. Naturally straight but dries slightly wavy. Never dyed, straightened, permed, curled and always air dried when possible (blow-dried up to 6 times per year). Non-smoking/alcohol/drug/vaping environments and I don’t do drugs, smoke, vape or drink.

Washed once a week with natural shampoo/conditioner and treated with argan oil afterwards.

The first picture has slightly wavy hair from a braid.

Will be trimmed professionally before shipment leaving up to 20″ (~50 cm) up for sale.

I accept money through paypal.

Flexible on length and price.

I look forward to talking to you!

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