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16″ Thick Red Virgin Hair

She is wanting to cut this next week so message me asap.

I have for sale 16” of deep red virgin hair. It is a very rare red shade and she gets compliments where ever she goes! Her hair is very thick. I feel like she has double what a normal person grows. Putting it in a pony tale often takes two bands. The texture is course. It has rarely been used with hot tools, but for special occasions when it has it holds curls and styles amazing!! It has been towel & air dried. Rarely blow dried. Her hair has been trimmed regularly with no layers. We wash her hair with Costco Kirkland shampoo & conditioner. And why I say “we” is that it takes my husband and I washing her hair in the sink because it is that thick!! The hair is from a non-smoking/drinking home. If you are wanting a good amount of hair this is your buy!

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