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12 Inches Silky, Straight, Virgin Dark Blonde/Light Brown Hair

This listing features dark blonde/light brown virgin hair with warm golden undertones. In the right lighting, faint red tones can also be seen. The hair belongs to a healthy 23-year-old woman. Pictured both in the sunlight from two different sunny days and with indoor lighting.

Hair Texture:
· ~4.5 inches thick
· Soft and silky
· Natural shine
· Naturally straight
· European

· Balanced diet with fruits and veggies
· Non-smoker and is not around anyone who smokes
· Occasional small glass of alcohol (either red wine or a mimosa) once a month or so when out with friends

Care Routine
· Washed once every other day with Griffin Remedy Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner
· Gently combed with a Wet Brush Detangling Comb while in the shower
· Air dry until damp, then brush with a Wet Brush and gently lathered with Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum
· Last time a hot iron was used on this hair was for a wedding two years ago. Never blow-dried.
· Typically worn in a loose ponytail or braid with a scrunchie. Only put in a bun when required for certain tasks at my job.

The hair will not be cut and sent until payment has been received. I am willing to follow whatever preference the buyer has (save for cutting it myself at home because that is an excellent way to ruin it with my lack of skill) though I would personally prefer to have it cut at a salon.

Only accepting payment through PayPal, I will not accept money orders, cashier checks, etc.

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