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10″ of Glowing Virgin Blonde Hair (Uncut)

I am selling 10″ of my light blonde, virgin hair. I am a 22 year old women who has enjoyed my long, beautiful hair all my life. I am hoping it finds a great new home and makes another person feel as beautiful as I do.

I am a very healthy, natural person. I have never chemical treated my hair or applied color treatments. I also do not use any heat or product to style my hair. My routine is to wash my hair approximately 2 times per week. The texture is thick but very soft. It is naturally quite straight. I do not have layers, so the hair is all one length. I eat a healthy diet. I have never smoked. I also do not own pets.

I have yet to do the big snip, so I am happy to negotiate cutting timing and technique. I am reluctantly open to cutting more length, but will require a compelling offer.

Please email me at [email protected] Happy to send additional photos or information at your request.

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