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High quality virgin LIGHT BROWN WITH RED SHEEN hair 19.6″ long, 3R...

Virgin LIGHT BROWN WITH RED SHEEN russian hair , very good quality , natural highlights, 19.6" long, 3" thick, never dyed, styling with hot objects, washing 3 ...

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13.5 inches of thick black hair

13.5inches of thick black hair. Looks dark brown in the light. No hair treatments. Shampoo and condition every other day. Rarely use heat. Picture with hair dry...

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Gorgeous 20-22? Virgin Natural Long Blonde Wavy Hair for Sale

I am an actress (B-level at best- Breeanna Judy – look me up) and ready for a change! Let my incredible hair become yours; for a wig, extensions, or whatever el...

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Thick and shiny virgin brown hair

18 inches of thick, shiny, virgin brown hair! My hair is naturally wavy. Washed every 6-9 days. Never dyed or blow dried. I have used a straightening iron on it...

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$2000 OBO

35 inches of long, virgin, shiny, thick, healthy, pregnancy, french native ...

I am selling 35 inches of long, thick, shiny, silky, virgin, french/native american hair grown through pregnancy. My hair has never been chemically treated or ...

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$650 or best dea

21″s long, Men’s dark brown hair. Thick, wavy, straight and nev...

I take very good care of my hair, making sure it stays healthy and I hardly go out much, so my hair stay's clean & and healthy most of the time and does not...

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VERY Thick Light Brown Men’s Hair

My scalp wishes to breathe and see the light of day again, so up for chops is some extremely thick hair! Measuring in at 5.5-6" thick, 14" long, and with so...

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16 inches of beautiful dark brown with hints of red virgin hair

Selling 16 inches of my thick, slightly wavy hair. My hair is dark brown with reddish and light brown under tones. My hair has never been dyed, highlighted, che...

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$500 OBO

17″ Long, 4.5″ Thick Virgin Brown Hair

Advertising 17 inches as that's what the tape measure shows, but it's actually a little longer than that because the curl shortens it. Also, that measurement is...

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$199 OBO

11.5″ Thick black vigin hair wavy curly

This is my hair from when I was 8 years old and has been in a zip lock bag ever since. Black shiny hair 11.5" in length 5.5" thickness Never dyed or ironed ...

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