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Healthy Silky Brown Black Asian Virgin Hair, 25 Inches

-Beautiful strong silky Asian virgin hair from a 13 years old gal (photos was taking 3 weeks ago so her hair is even a bit longer now) -Hair is naturally black...

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Long Virgin Ginger Hair

My hair is very healthy and bright. I’ve been growing it out for 3 years, and have sold it once before. Its a very rich ginger color with a little bit of wave. ...

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Dark brown (Will be cutting 17inches off)

Natural, never colored or cut. silky straight. Washed every other day with shampoo and conditioner. Combed every day with no split ends. "It will be cut in the ...

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23 Inches Long Virgin Hair

Never Dyed, straightened, curled or bleached. I shampoo and condition it 2 times a week, using healthy and organic brands. Never smoke or drink.

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18” Long Dark Brown Healthy Thick Hair

18” of Thick Very Healthy Virgin long hair. I have been groaning my hair out for over 4 years. Every other day I apply a natural hair oil. And wash my hair 2x a...

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$$500 obo

Virgin dark chestnut brown hair for sale

Hi! I'm selling 14 -16 inches of my hair, it's about 4.5 mn thick - currently intact. I will be going to the salon soon to cut it off! I'm of Middle Eastern...

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Long, thick Asian hair! :)

Willing to sell up to 12 inches of my Asian hair! There are some very natural-looking highlights that are healthy and well-maintained (as you can see in the ...

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$to define

Brown hair, 55cm/ 21,7 inches

I have not put any chemicals on my hair for many years. I wash it only with eggs and occasionally use oil to feed them. It is in excellent health, thick, ...

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28 inch hair outside held in a line to be measured


28 inches of highly complimented, reddish dark blond hair

Slightly reddish in the sunlight. I don't vape or smoke cigarettes or marijuana or anything.

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