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5 Great Ways to Treat Damaged Hair

| Hair & Beauty | February 10, 2012

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Treat Damaged Hair

Treat Damaged Hair

Having damaged hair can come because of many reasons, whether you are not using the correct products or a poor diet can be just two ways that this can happen. That said, every woman experiences this problem at some point in her life.

Whether you set the curling iron higher than necessary or leave your dye in just a little too long, something will happen at some point. But, however it happens isn’t as important as putting it right. So, keep reading to see five of the best ways of sorting that damaged hair out.

Go shopping for new products

While everybody likes a bit of retail therapy, this is the shopping of a different kind. Get down to the salon and ask an expert about the products that you should be using on your hair. It might be a case of using the wrong hair straighteners or hair dryer – or the fact that you are not using the right shampoo and conditioners on your hair. It’s important that you use a product like John Frieda to ensure that you perfectly repair the deep problems.

Create a new hair cleaning routine

Even the smallest things can make a big difference, so be sure that once you have definitely got the right products for your hair, that you are treating it properly. By giving your conditioner time to soak into the hair then you can help your damaged hair. Similarly, when leaving the shower, don’t use a towel to vigorously dry your hair but instead use an absorbent towel and blot it. Additionally, you should put your hair dryer on the lowest setting before using a tooth comb to get rid of the tangles that sometimes appear in your hair ends.


It may be something that you have never thought about, but you should start to consider how getting a head massage can help your damaged hair. Studies have found that you can improve circulation while stimulating the area so that your hair roots can be nourished by an increased flow of blood. While you can go to a professional therapist, it’s always worth giving it a try yourself to see what effect it can have.

Get your hair looked at

Communication is the key when it comes to sorting out any damaged hair. Make sure that you get to the bottom of your problems and know where you need to fix. Many women know how to manage their hair, but always look for professional feedback. Be sure to see a stylist every few months so that you can be told what kind of state your hair is in.

Top tip: If you need to get rid of damaged hair quickly, then be sure to trim your hair down to the shortest comfortable length. This also helps because you can then grow it out frequently.

Keep it natural

While many people like to wash their hair on a daily basis, you need to remember that your natural minerals and oils are needed to keep it fresh and shiny. Try eating healthy fatty foods like avocado as well because this is a fruit that is enriched with many qualities that help hair. Check what chemicals are in your hair foams and conditioner so that your hair can be as natural as possible.


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