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The best hair buying and selling advice comes from the collective experience of our highly-valued users.

If you’ve bought or sold hair through BuyandSellHair.com, we would really appreciate it if you could add details of your experience here to help future hair traders. For example, price agreed per inch of hair, communication tips and more.

If you’d like to share more of your thoughts on hair trading, get in touch as we’re keen to perform more written interviews such as this.

Submissions are unedited and will appear after being approved by the site admin, typically within 12 hours.
UPDATE (Dec 2011): As per the above, please only add comments if you have actually purchased or sold hair through our site and can offer helpful tips. Other comments will now not be approved. This is to ensure this page provides real, helpful tips to those looking to buy or sell hair. Thanks for your continued contributions!

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Wonderful experience with an awesome buyer!

Dec 16, 2013 by Katie W.

Like many other sellers, I also sold my hair to Dave GS and I cannot say enough good things about him. He absolutely deserves every glowing review on this page and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

He paid for my hair in advance and, despite my best intentions, I inadvertently complicated the transaction and Dave GS would have had good reason to demand his money back.

Instead of getting upset and demanding his money back, he was incredibly kind and patient and more than willing to work out the mess I'd made of everything and gave me a second chance in an effort to salvage the transaction.

Rather than getting frustrated with me, he went out of his way to help me repair the damage I'd wrought and I am so incredibly grateful that I found such an awesome, and understanding buyer.

He's more than simply professional, and honest - he's a genuinely kind person who strives to make the experience a successful one for the seller and is willing to do whatever it takes to create a positive experience for the seller.

I feel like I not only worked with an outstanding buyer, but that I've also made a new, and wonderful friend. He is a genuinely awesome person.

He is also a highly competitive bidder, and he totally obliterated his competition by offering quite a bit more than my asking price. I knew that I might have slightly under-priced my hair in my ad but I never dreamed that I would be offered nearly double what I was asking for it.

He was one of the very first buyers who responded to my ad and his offer was so generous that I could barely believe my good fortune. Dave GS is an incredibly fair buyer with a strong sense of ethics and moral character, and you can trust that his offer truly reflects the actual value of your hair.

Working with Dave GS has been a real pleasure and I am extremely glad that I chose him as my buyer. I cannot imagine anyone having anything less than an extremely stellar experience with him as their buyer.

Amazing Experience!

Nov 01, 2013 by Jade

I had a great experience selling my hair. I sold my hair to Dave GS. Very professional, honest, communicative, and efficient. I couldn't be more pleased with my hair-selling experience and I highly recommend him!

Gorgeous thick, red hair - sold within one week for over $83/inch

Oct 22, 2013 by Michelle Gray

Prior to registering:
- Researched tons of sites. This is by far the best deal and the most reputable.
- Created a separate e-mail account.
- Took pictures with a professional photographer (no cost to me, family friend)

Picture tips:
- Plain background
- Great lighting
- Solid shirt
- Lots of angles/shots
- You can only post 4 pictures, but sellers may ask for more. Some shots to include: Hair down (plus side view), hair in pony tail (plus side view), vertical tape measure showing length of pony tail, tape measure wrapped tightly around circumference of pony tail, braid, bun, pigtails, styled and air-dried.

Seller Tips:
- Check the scam page. Read it thoroughly!
- You might actually receive offers higher than your listing price if you're willing to go shorter. I initially offered 15 inches of 4.5inch thick for $738. I received much more than that. The longer your hair, the higher the amount.
- List during fall/winter. Everyone gets summer cuts. Fresh hair is harder to get in the winter.
- Be flexible. Hair is sold by weight. Some of the real (non-scammy) offers I had were to cut it and then sell it through their salon. I held out for an offer that would pay me first instead.
- I ended up going with an offer that was more interested in the cut/style than the hair itself. Only needed to cut 12ish inches initially, and it will be donated to a wigs for kids program. The seller wanted to watch the styling process. I was a little uncomfortable at first with the idea, but I decided (after much conversation with the seller) it was something I was ok with. In the end, the seller offered me money a second time to go all the way to a pixie cut. Ultimately, I cut 17 inches for $1825. Kind of a different cut and seller than I was initially looking for, but I was VERY pleased with the final price. Technically, $200 of that was for the haircut, and $50ish for the hair to mail, but that's a $95/inch profit in the end. The first cut was $83 an inch. $95 is adding the final cut to the total. That may have been because I have super-thick, long red hair that's hard to find, but I'm hoping my story helps someone else.

So, be patient, be open, and take LOTS of pictures. Plan on an hour or two a day at first to sort through all the offers and answer all the questions. My ad will be up until February if you want to see the ad I used. Michelle Gray - Professional Photos - Thick Red Hair

My buyer, was Dave GS, and I had a wonderful experience, by the way.

Pristine Dark Brown Hair

Jul 12, 2013 by M Powell

The site was good. I've sold my hair before using a site that has since such down. I'm grateful to have sold my hair, sadly I let it go for much lower than what I'd asked. All the same I'm glad it's over with.

I wish this site would encrypt the emails, both buyer and seller, like they do on craigslist. I felt rather uncomfortable getting so many emails from people I knew were just trying to scam me.

24" for $900

May 20, 2013 by Amber

I have healthy dark blonde hair with AMAZING high lights and I actually undervalued my hair! I originally asked $400 for 17" and immediately received very high offers!
The buyer originally offered $1200 for 24" but it's HAIR so I felt morally obligated to lower his offer to $900 (I already felt bad about not donating it). He gave me a $450 deposit to keep it on my head until I grow it 7 more inches-- we agreed he will pay me the rest when he cuts it. I am very happy with this agreement since my hair grows really fast:)
As for scammers, I encountered a few but they are really easy to spot (bad grammar, doesn't answer specific questions, indirect purchase through 3rd party). To make sure my buyer was legit (because of his generous offer) I googled his email address and called him to talk about my hair (be sure to ask what they are using it for even if it seems rude).
I am so happy I used this website and that I received an amazing offer so quickly (and that his payment went through)! Thank you SO much Buyandsellhair! I had a great experience and will hopefully return in 2-4 years!

gorgeous golden blonde hair

May 08, 2013 by Claudia

My daughter listed her hair for $700 and to our amazement sold it on the first day for full price! I believe what helped were several things: she was selling long hair (20-22 inches cut), blond hair seems to sell better, the pictures we used were clear with good lighting, her hair is healthy and thick.
As far as spam, we found out that there are two things to watch out for: first, the usual spammers who can't spell, who tell you about their relative who is dying from who knows what, etc. Second, the "freeks" who have an obsession with hair. Never let yourself be convinced to cut your hair before you've been paid. A regular buyer only needs pictures showing length, thickness, and texture of hair. Pictures of braids are helpful in showing how much the hair thins out at the bottom. Any more requests of pictures is suspicious. Decide ahead of time if you feel comfortable sending a DVD of the hair cutting experience. We decided that we were okay with that and probably would not have received full price without. Also decide ahead of time if you are okay with the buyer cutting your hair. They will probably want to cut it shorter than you would like. Anyway, we are glad we went through buyandsellhair, will probably do it again in the future. It's been a rather exhausting process... well over 100 emails back and forth, but my daughter has made over $600.- after expenses (running the add with featured option, paypal commission, hair stylist and postage with tracking number and signature request), a nice addition to her savings!

20 inches for $200

Feb 23, 2013 by Rachel

Originally, I advertised my hair at the same price everyone else was. And, like many others, I overpriced it. When my ad was almost run out of time, a had a couple lowball offers, and accepted one from a local makeover company. But they don't pay you until they cut your hair. So after turning other buyers away, and removing my ad, the makeover company left me high and dry, no longer answering my emails or calls. This was so disheartening, because I was ready to cut off my hair! The people at Buyandsellhair were so nice and helpful, and allowed my to run my ad again for a limited time. I repriced my hair for $10 per inch and had many more buyers and offers. This time, I didn't remove the add or turn awaybuyers until I had a payment in my paypal acct. I ended up with a wonderfully friendly and professional buyer out of Germany, and I LOVE my new short hair! I might do it again, but I love my new hair so much, I can't imagine growing it long ever again!

Natural Gray Hair

Dec 09, 2012 by gypsydejavu

What a wonderful experience! After looking for a match for my very wavy gray and white hair for months, I stumbled over this site and immediately found a perfect match, a gracious and honest seller and the extension hair of my dreams. There was no way I could have found hair so perfectly like my own on any commercial site...so many thanks to BuyandSellHair and to my seller. I hope more silver foxes will consider this option,there's just no beautiful gray hair available commercially.

18 inches for $250

Dec 09, 2012 by scubadoc16

I first posted my hair, before cutting it, on this site about a year ago. I didn't get much response, and then had an e-mail exchange with a buyer who sounded legit and for whom I cut my hair, but then he disappeared. After that the ponytail just sat on my shelf for a year, and then I recently decided to give it another try and posted again. This time I paid extra to be a "featured" ad; not sure whether that made the difference, but this time I had multiple legitimate-sounding offers within one day! I have the feeling I could have gotten more if I had started with a higher asking price (I posted $300 OBO, with the goal of $200 after expenses), but all in all I am quite happy with my experience. I completed the transaction and received my money within a week of posting.

The original "buyer" that disappeared a year ago asked me to video tape the hair cut, which I did. Since I didn't want to provide a video for free to a fetishist, but I was willing to provide the video to an actual buyer to demonstrate authenticity, I mentioned in my ad that I had a video of the cut but would only provide it after receiving payment. That seemed to work out well.

Dec 04, 2012 by Sarah

Thank you BuyandSellHair.com! I’m so glad I sold my hair through you!

I saw on another site that wigmakers usually pay between $10-20/inch for hair. I sold mine for $170 for about 15.5”.

Recognize the limitations of your hair when pricing it-mine is not very thick, and I lost at least one buyer because he wanted thicker hair.

My impression is that uncut hair seems to sell much better than hair that is already cut. If your hair is already cut, I’d consider that in the pricing.

Adding the following statement helped screen out some inquiries that weren’t a fit for what I was looking for: “As I have been receiving inquiries…I am not interested in participating in makeover videos, and I’ll be using a local salon I am comfortable with for the cut-I am not interested in having other parties cut the hair.”

You probably need to sell within 2 weeks of posting your ad or you get too far back in the pages, and don’t get much attention. So, price it right early on! That’s my best advice ☺

Thanks again BuyandSellHair.com!

Kept Marking it Down

Oct 26, 2012 by Madison

I started at $850 for 16 inches of virgin hair. By the time I sold it, I had marked it down 5 times. My advice is, don't list your price by what you see on similar ads, but on what you see on this Experience Page.

I had interest pretty quickly, but it was difficult to find some one who didn't want ALL my hair once they saw how long it was (after cutting off close to 18 inches, my hair is still below my shoulders).

I did get some scammers, but they were easy enough to spot. One even sent me an email that was an exact copy of an email in the Scammer section!

In the end, I sold my hair for $350 plus $15 extra for shipping to a really nice guy in Ohio. Thanks, Jeff! That comes to around $22 an inch, but hair gets more worth per inch exponetionally the longer it is. For example, another interested buyer offered me $1000 if I would get a pixie cut and therefore give him around 24 inches. That comes to around $42 an inch. Big difference.

So, yeah, this site is great for selling your hair if you watch out for scammers and don't expect too much money.

Started at 800 for 13 inches

Oct 05, 2012 by reg

All in all, I am at least content that I managed to sell my hair even if it went down to $100. First I posted my hair and got many scam emails, and noone serious about buying; one person even just joked around for awhile to no point. Then I thought I had finally found someone reliable, and it turned out to be a scam also; he was trying to get me to cash a check that was for way more than I was selling my hair for. The check was a fraud, and luckily I didn't try to cash it. The nice people on buyandsellhair.com that I emailed saw that I had reposted my hair (it was now cut hair, since I thought I would be sending it, which for some reason is less wanted) and they refunded me for it. :) After about halfway through, I went down to 200 or best offer, and about a week before my deadline, a man named Ed bought it for 100, through paypal. Thanks, Ed! I am so glad I could get rid of it, since it wasn't doing me any good sitting here on the desk. This is a great way to sell your hair, as long as you are able to sort through the scam emails and strange offers and such... I might and might not sell my hair here again. Maybe if I can stand it getting really long. Good LUCK!

16" for $255.00

Sep 13, 2012 by Holly

I finally sold my hair after having it posted for 4 months. If you are getting close to the end of your posting time limit don't fret...I emailed customer service at Buyandsellhair.com and the gave me a little extra time. They have great customer service.

I have really nice red hair (get compliments all the time) and started at 13" to be cut but over the months it grew and the buyer wanted the ponytail cut higher on my head so he got more like 16". My advice is to be realistic on your asking price. I started at $1000.00 (had to start somewhere) and then came down to $175.00. I got more in the end because my hair grew and I had a really nice and decent person named Bob from Ohio buy my hair. Thanks Bob you were awesome! :)

Overall the experience was good but a bit of a pain as I had to wade through many scams. Make sure you get a separate email address. I used Paypal since its secure even though you have to pay 3% on fees.

Good luck to you all!

Selling hair

Sep 07, 2012 by Kevin Ashton

I was amazed at how fast our hair sold. Within ten minutes we had multiple offers. We received some nice advice from some customers, also. This was a great place to make a deal we were happy with.

Sold in 5 Days!

Aug 23, 2012 by Jenalee

This was my first time selling my hair so I was extremely skeptical, but I posted an ad anyway: 35” of honey blond virgin hair for $2,250 or best offer. I was shocked to have several e-mails from potential buyers within the hour! After haggling for five days with about six different buyers I closed a deal: 40” of my hair for $3,000. The buyer even flew half-way across the country to cut it himself.

I was very pleased with buyandsellhair.com and would most definitely sell my hair here again!

BuyandSellHair.com , UK 4.4 5.0 118 118 I just cut off 26 inches yesterday for my buyer. I found a legitimate buyer via this website and I am so grateful. We were even able to work out our own contract since she wanted