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Why Us?

Seen several hair selling sites that look the same?

Well, BuyandSellHair.com is the original hair selling platform and we think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

But don’t take our word for it, here’s proof! A geeky web ‘Whois lookup’ will show that we’re not a fly-by-night operation, we’ve been serving buyers and sellers since 2010:

Whois buyandsellhair.com

BuyandSellHair.com – Est 2010

No other site has had press coverage like we have, even though some claim to!

Some of Our Popular Press Coverage:

Time Out – Article “Ways to make money now

Bloomberg – Article “Bodies double as cash machines with U.S. income lagging

CBS 5 – Article “Selling body parts is big business

KCBD News Channel – Article “Selling your body in a down economy

Infowars - Article “The coming food stamp riots


We publish first hand reviews of the selling experience, have 7 days a week customer support, tiny listing fees and more. Don’t risk selling your hair for less, sell with BuyandSellHair.com now >>