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Interview: Laura’s Hair Selling Experience

| Interviews | November 15, 2011

For the second interview on our site, we we’re contacted by Laura who wanted to share her experience with hair selling – thanks Laura!

Laura is 28 years old and from the US. She sold 22 inches of her virgin hair for $450. Here’s what she had to say:

Start Of Interview

Hey, Laura. So what made you sell your hair?

Laura's hair during the cut

Laura's hair during the cut

I was planning on having my hair cut that I had been growing for years. I kept it in really good condition and I thought it would be such a waste to just bin it.  I searched the net for ‘sell hair’ and was glad to discover BuyandSellHair.com

There are a few different options for people to sell hair – what made you list on our site?

It seemed like the most legitimate place. I saw that the site had been mentioned on the news so that gave it some real credibility. I also loved the way your experience page gives real user reviews and you hadn’t hidden away any negative reviews. Finally, I read in a few places that it’s better to sell hair on a dedicated hair marketplace as opposed to a general classifieds site as as hair buyers on a dedicated site truly understand the value of hair.

All in all, it ticked every box and I thought if my hair is going to sell anywhere, it would sell here.



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