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Hair Colour Trends from 2012

| Blog, Hair & Beauty | December 6, 2012

2012 has been a big year for bold hair styles and colours as more people start to experiment to find a look which suits them. So as we draw closer to the end of the year, let’s take a look back on some of the trendiest hair colours that came around this year.

Dip Dye

One of the most noticeable hair colour trends from 2012 has been the dip dye and many people seemed to jump on this trend. A fashion not just for teenagers, the dip dye can be seen on women and men of all ages. Dip dying is a method of leaving your hair with a natural colour, whilst having a complimenting, or even outrageous colour to the ends of the hair – making it look like it has been dipped in the colour.

Ombré Hair Colour

This hair colour is a great option for those with brunette hair as adding the extra colour can bring some life to the hair. Ombré hair colour means that the hair gradually changes from light to dark, giving the hair size and volume. Many celebrities opted for this hair style in 2012 and it could be staying for 2013. (more…)


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6 Tips For Preventing And Treating Split Ends

| Hair & Beauty | March 2, 2012

Split ends occur when the protecting hair cuticles get stripped away from the ends of hair fibers, therefore leaving your hair fibers weak and causing your hair to start fraying.  Although more often seen in long hair it can also occur in short hair that is not in good condition.

Cut those split ends!Here are six tips for preventing and treating split ends

1.  Get a trim every six weeks.  When getting your hair trimmed, make sure you cut at least 1.5 inches above your split ends.  Cutting your hair is the only way to get rid of split ends.  If you leave it too late, you run the risk of the split ends continuing up the shaft of the hair.

2. Towel Dry.  Do not excessively rub your hair with the towel.  Vigorous rubbing can cause split ends!  Instead squeeze the excess water out your hair with the towel. (more…)


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Easy Ways to Make Your Hair Glamorous

| Hair & Beauty | February 27, 2012

This is a guest post.

Who doesn’t want long, thick, lush and gorgeous hair? You’ve probably seen celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian and wished your hair was as long and glamorous as theirs. Well, the good news is, it can be! With clip in hair extensions and other new hair trends, you can make your hair just as glamorous as any celebrity’s.

Clip in hair extensions are the latest trick for long, thick, beautiful hair–for anyone. When you think of extensions, you probably think of bonded extensions from the salon. But this type of extension is super expensive, damaging to your hair and hard to keep nice-looking. With clip in extensions, you save money, time, effort and the health of your hair. Plus, clip in extensions can be taken out easily if you wish to change your look. This type of extension offers individual, variously sized extensions attached to polymer clips. The clips are placed close to your scalp, and the hair is mixed in with your original hair, giving you a natural yet easy and glamorous look. (more…)

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5 Great Ways to Treat Damaged Hair

| Hair & Beauty | February 10, 2012

This is a guest post

Treat Damaged Hair

Treat Damaged Hair

Having damaged hair can come because of many reasons, whether you are not using the correct products or a poor diet can be just two ways that this can happen. That said, every woman experiences this problem at some point in her life.

Whether you set the curling iron higher than necessary or leave your dye in just a little too long, something will happen at some point. But, however it happens isn’t as important as putting it right. So, keep reading to see five of the best ways of sorting that damaged hair out. (more…)


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Free and Easy Hair is in for 2012

| Hair & Beauty | February 9, 2012

This is a guest post.

Rooney Mara's Lovely Short Hair

Rooney Mara's Lovely Short Hair

Marilyn Monroe was such an icon and trendsetter that even playing her in a movie can pass on some of that trend-setting weight by association. Michelle Williams’ starring role in “My Week With Marilyn” has brought her critical attention and a ticket to awards show season, where trends are often set for the year. All the stars look their best at an awards show, but few this year look as free and easy as Michelle Williams. There’s just something about short hair.


Like a young woman after a bad break-up, the short hairstyles that are coming into vogue for 2012 have the air of a fresh start. Unencumbered by the long-haired woes of tabloid favorites like J. Lo, Angelina and Kim Kardashian, women are looking to sever ties with the headiness of the last few years. The bad economy, political turmoil and global unrest of recent years may not be gone, but they can be forgotten, at least for a while. (more…)


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7 Style Tips for Busy Moms

| Hair & Beauty | January 9, 2012

Moms these days are busier than ever. Whether you fall into the category of working mom, work-at-home mom, or stay-at-home mom, you’re always on the go, and chances are you could do with a little more sleep, too! While you’re probably more concerned these days with how your little ones look than how you look, putting your best foot forward when it comes to style and fashion can help you feel better about yourself every day. These seven style tips will keep you looking your best without costing you a fortune!

  1. Maximize Your Best Features

When you don’t have enough time to focus on everything, it’s best to just maximize your best features. Accentuate gorgeous baby blues with eyeliner and mascara, or highlight your pretty lips with a lipstick that really pops. You can also highlight your favorite characteristics with the right outfit. A big belt plays up a tiny waist, for instance. The key is to figure out what your best features are and how to draw attention to them so that your less favored features are less noticeable. (more…)


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Get A Virtual Makeover

| Hair & Beauty | September 12, 2011

Following the recent launch of our beauty store, there’s another website development that we’d like to share.

We know how daunting it can be to chop off inches of hair that you’ve had for years. Some people are understandably apprehensive about making such a drastic change and not knowing if a shorter look will bode well can magnify nerves.

Introducing our free virtual makeover tool. This tool has harnessed technology from our friends at HSD and we hope that you guys find it useful.

The makeover tool lets you try out tons of different hairstyles on a selection of models or on yourself. Once you’ve uploaded your picture, you can change hair color, shape and size so that it fits your face perfectly. This is a great way to try out a new hairstyle before going for a drastic cut.

Check out the hairstyle tool now.


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Long to Short Hair Makeovers

| Hair & Beauty | August 7, 2011

Katie Holmes Short Hair Makeover

Katie Holmes Short Hair Makeover

Cutting long hair and going for a short hair makeover is big step for most people, but it’s something that sellers on our site experience all the time.

Hair, by its very nature, is an intensely personal feature. Some people feel that it’s their security blanket, others love styling and managing it, and some use it as a scarf during the winter!

Women, and men, decide to cut their long locks for many different reasons. You might want a lighter look and feel during hot and stick summers, it may have become too hard to manage, or you might simply want to make a drastic change or earn some extra cash. Whatever your reason, chopping off long hair that you’ve had for years takes bravery and courage but making the snip can be a truly liberating experience.

In an recent seller interview on our site, Jen spelt out her thoughts and feelings nicely: (more…)


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10 natural hair growth tips

| Hair & Beauty | July 4, 2011

We’ve put together 10 of our favourite natural hair growth tips that have stood the test of time and that should help you on your way to grow longer luscious locks:

1. Protein

Did you know our hair is around 90% protein? It is made from a protein called keratin. These essential proteins get stripped away by heat styling, weather, pollution, and chemical damage. Therefore, it is essential that these lost nutrients get replaced. Protein will give the shaft of your hair more strength, will reduce the chances of damage and also accelerate growth.

Protein rich foods include eggs, fish, beans, yoghurt & poultry. You could also give low carb protein shakes a try – they’re not reserved for body builders! (more…)


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