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Selling Human Hair Online – Statistics & Key Info [Infographic]

| Blog, General, Site Related | October 9, 2014

As the largest human hair marketplace we’ve seen thousands of hair sales and have had the pleasure of dealing with buyers and sellers all around the world.

Using the unique information we’ve collected, we put the together following infographic to help all future buyers and sellers.

We’re proud that this is the first ever study of its kind and we hope you find it useful.

Selling Human Hair Online – An infographic by BuyandSellHair.com

Embed this infographic by just coping and pasting the following code:




Basics of the research methodology are in the infographic footer. Here are more specifics on our data sample.


Price per inch according to hair color & what a premium is paid for: We have 110 published reviews from successful sellers on our site.  We could track 89 of those back to the original listing from where we calculated the price per inch by color. We also took hair thickness and type into account which helped us normalize and identify trends on what buyers pay more for.


Since 2011, we also identified 985 ads that had been marked as sold by the seller (many are deleted after the sale). We emailed a survey to these users and received 162 responses. That gave us a total sample size 251 from where we could draw conclusions on hair prices.


Why do people buy human hair? We surveyed 67 buyers. In addition, the survey we emailed to sellers also asked if they knew what the hair was going to be used for – 111 sellers were able to answer this.


Time to sell: 153 sellers provided us with exact time scale following our email survey. However, this wouldn’t capture those who do not sell. Therefore, from September 2013 to September 2014 we had an email survey automatically send to 50% of sellers once their listing had ended. This provided us with another 265 responses.


Buyer and Seller Scams: From our experience page and direct interviews with both buyers and sellers.


Location of buyers and sellers: Hair listing statistics from September 2013 to September 2014 and the 67 buyer interviews.


How hair is sent: 162 direct seller survey responses.


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SellHairStore.com Closed Down?

| Blog, General | August 6, 2014

We’ve recently had a number of queries on whether competitor website SellHairStore.com has closed down. Unfortunately, a number of buyerswww.sellhairstore.com_10 paid to list on the site but it has now all but disappeared.


We encourage all sellers affected by this to file disputes via PayPal. As you didn’t get your full listing time on the site, you certainly should get all your money back.


We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome new sellers to BuyandSellHair.com – the largest human hair marketplace. We’ve been established since 2010 and have facilitated thousands of sales. Since our growth, there have been many outright clones to the market but we continue to grow thanks to our focus on the following: (more…)


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Should You Sell Or Donate Your Hair?

| General | June 12, 2013

Donate Your HairMany people have heard of the awesome charity called Locks of Love that takes donations of human hair and makes wigs for children who are bald due to medical conditions or medical treatments.  It is a very noble thing to do (and we’re not saying not to consider it), but you should also consider selling your hair instead.


According to their FAQ’s, Locks of Love donations have to be a minimum of 10 inches long because of how the wigs are made.  So, if you’re hair is shorter than that, you’re donation will not be used.  If your hair is bleached, in dreadlocks, gray, not in a tight ponytail or ‘otherwise unusable’, it will be sold. It is also worth noting that if they sell your hair, they are unable to show your hair donation as an IRS deduction for tax purposes.


But, if you decide to sell your own hair, you’ll find that purchasers in the marketplace are less stringent on length and treatments (this varies vendor by vendor—understand that virgin hair is most highly sought).  Obviously, longer hair sells for more, depending on condition, but shorter lengths and even children’s hair is quite saleable.


Also, if you choose to sell your own hair and you’re still interested in donating to Locks of Love, you can make a cash donation to them of all or a portion of your hair’s profit.  They can declare that kind of a donation as a charitable gift.  You can benefit not only from a tax-write-off perspective, but also from the warm, fuzzy feeling that you’ll get from helping a child.


In summary, if you’re considering making a donation of your hair to charity, consider all your options beforehand.  You may be better off selling your hair and then donating the cash.


Check out our homepage for the latest hair sales and for more info on selling on our website.


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Our Beauty Store!

| General | September 4, 2011

Just a quick post to let you know that we’ve launched a beauty store! This is powered by the well-established and trusted guys at Amazon.

Having had many years of experience in hair care, we decided to put together a category of our favorite and the most well-respected hair & beauty products. This is the default category that loads up as soon as you visit the store.

We also took inspiration from user feedback and hair seller endorsements. We concluded that hair sellers must know what’s quality as they’ve managed to grow lovely, long locks. Want to let us know of other topnotch products, get in touch!

The store also contains categories related to every other aspect of hair & beauty making it a complete shopping experience for those that want to treat themselves – or perhaps spend a little of the money received after selling their hair as part of that short hair makeover.

Once you’ve added products to your basked and are ready for payment, you’ll be seamlessly taken to Amazon who will handle the transaction and delivery.

We hope you enjoy it! :grin:


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