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My philosophy is HEALTHY = BEAUTIFUL. Habits that focus on damage prevention as well as consistent patience have made my hair more beautiful than any products, dyes, or heat styling ever could! The asking price considers not just the apparent quality of the hair, but also years of painstaking care with the end goal of selling it.

My hair care regimen:

– Wash every 2 to 3 days, using dry shampoo on off days. When washing, I shampoo just the scalp and let the water run the suds through the rest. I do not actively shampoo the length unless there happens to be a lot of product in it (rare). When I do shampoo the ends, I squeeze it through the hair instead of rubbing. I always use conditioner on the length. The specific shampoo/conditioner products I use are Aveeno Pure Renewal and Aveda Pure Abundance.

– Deep conditioning hair mask two or three times per month, either with an in-shower mask or soaking it in coconut oil overnight.

– Good brushing technique. I start with the ends and work my way up. If my brush hits a knot, I stop, take the brush out of my hair instead of ripping through the knot, and work it out with my fingers. I don’t grab the section I’m brushing (like many folks do to prevent pulling at the scalp) because if it hurts my head, it hurts my hair! The result is crazy smooth, soft hair that doesn't look scraggly!

– Extra gentle treatment when wet. After showers, I squeeze the water out with my hands and then put my hair up in a towel wrap. I never rub at my hair, only squeeze. After about ten minutes, I take my hair out and carefully comb it with a detangling paddle brush so that it air-dries without any kinks.

– Minimal heat styling. This hair saw maybe two formal events where I curled it all (I don’t know why I bothered…it’s so healthy that curls fall out after just a few hours, even with tons of product!). I use heat protectant when I do style it. I NEVER blow-dry my hair or straighten it to avoid unnecessary damage. It air-dries wonderfully smooth and straight.

– Minimal styling in general. I generally wear it down, in a braid, or in a bun. I keep it secure during workouts and windy days by braiding it or looping it around a headband. I also braid it before going to sleep. Occasionally, I use products like leave-in conditioners, texturizing spray, or anti-humidity gel, but these tend to weigh my hair down.

– I only use snag-resistant creaseless hair ties and high-quality bobby pins. When removing bobby pins, I use both hands to carefully slide them out.

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