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wavy chestnut


20″ Warm Chestnut Virgin Wavy Hair

Thick, naturally wavy, warm chestnut brown hair, with natural highlights. Japanese and Caucasian background. Never been dyed, sulfate-free shampoo twice a week,...

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15″ virgin auburn hair

I have 15" of my beautiful, unique auburn hair for sale. It's in great condition: NEVER chemically treated, dyed, or heat treated, and zero product damage. Alwa...

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12″ Virgin Dark Blonde Silky Hair!

12" of female virgin hair, straight, healthy, silky smooth. Medium/dark blonde, natural color. Absolutely gorgeous. The hair is right at 12" long, bound in the...

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12″ VIRGIN Caribbean Sun-Kissed Brown Hair

10"-13" of uncut, straight virgin brown hair. Caribbean sun-kissed highlightsVirgin - never dyed or treated with chemicals; never used heat or styling pro...

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Thick brown virgin hair

$650 OBO

Thick Wavy Virgin Brown Hair

Thick, wavy, dark brown hair, completely virgin, never dyed. Hair has grown with trims for the past four years with no coloring or chemicals added. Ethnically L...

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Naturally Curly Golden Brown Hair

Curly, golden brown hair with natural highlights and reddish undertones. 8 inches curly (as it is), about 12 inches when pulled straight.

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IMG_9884 (1)


Thick Medium Brown Bargain

My wife cut my virgin hair and it wasn't a perfect cut, so I'm selling my hair priced at $500 for $400. Its a freakin steal. Enjoy!

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27″+ healthy black Latina hair

Carefully maintained Latina hair, never colored, treated, ironed, permed, etc. Usually kept in bun not exposed to sun, smoke, dust, etc. 30 inches total length ...

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Blond 13-15″ European Straight Fine Virgin Hair Youth

My daughter, a youth under 10 years of age, would like to sell her medium blond hair. Her hair has a variety of tones, with pale blond highlights and light ash ...

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nice shimmer

$999 obo

Rare Color – 27′ – Hairtype: 1b/f-m/ii

I have beautiful medium brown hair with a rare golden and red radiant shimmer. The color gradient results of the summer sun. Roots are Medium brown and changes ...

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