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Light Brown healthy hair

Long healthy light brown virgin hair with sunkissed highlights

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Naturally Curly Golden Brown Hair

Curly, golden brown hair with natural highlights and reddish undertones. 8 inches curly (as it is), about 12 inches when pulled straight.

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27″+ healthy black Latina hair

Carefully maintained Latina hair, never colored, treated, ironed, permed, etc. Usually kept in bun not exposed to sun, smoke, dust, etc. 30 inches total length ...

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17 Inches of thick, virgin, red hair

17-18 inches of already professionally cut hair available. Hair is a lighter red color with natural highlights (pictures have not been altered in any way), st...

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Virgin, natural highlights, amazing colors

I've always had amazing healthy hair with natural highlights and a variety of colors in my hair, not thin or brittle. Calling it "just blonde" doesn't do it jus...

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$600 OBO

14 Inches of Straight Blonde Virgin Hair

Selling 14 inches of straight medium blonde virgin hair. It is 3.75 inches thick. Washed every other day and only air dried. No chemicals ever used on the hair....

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Child’s Thick Lovely Locks

Daughter wants to go short for the summer! Child’s hair is strong, thick, shiny, and healthy with beautiful natural sun kissed highlights. Grows fast, as we las...

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Length now (06/14/2018)

$800.00 OBO

26″ Strong & Shiny Clean Mountain Grown Hair

My hair has been growing since it was cut in July 2011 to chin length. I now live in Seattle, but the hair grew in a rural, mountainous environment. I exercis...

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LAST Chance! Cutting in less than 2 hours! Virgin Honey Blonde Hair. Pin st...

Virgin honey blonde hair with natural highlights. 12 inches in length, 3+ inches thick, pin straight. Washed a few times a week only. No hot irons used. Previou...

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Thick Silky Virgin Hair


Thick Silky Virgin Hair with Chestnut Highlights

12+ inches of thick, silky, medium brown hair with natural chestnut highlights.Strong and shiny with unique coloring. Very thick! I have been told countles...

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