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14″ Rare, Red, Virgin Hair. Spice Up Christmas with a splash of Red!

For Christmas this season, spice things up a little with a splash of Red! You are looking at (and hopefully considering) this auction for 14" of Virgin Red H...

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Pregnancy Hair 22 inches

I’m selling my pregnancy hair. I have not cut my hair in going on 3 years. I’ve had 2 pregnancies during this time and I have took prenatals before during and a...

1030 total views, 4 today



Blonde VIRGIN Hair, 23″

23" inches of bright, light, thick blonde hair. Non-smoker. Hair has never been dyed, blow dried, straightened, curled, or treated with heat in any way. Was...

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Ukrainian Slavik, not painted hair ( about 30 Inches)

I sell natural hair. I have a photos before and after they are cut. ( 65 cm in a braid, about 75 cm in the tail) This is not dyed blond. This is a very beau...

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Dark brown naturally curl virgin hair

My hair is well cared for and no chemicals have been used on it. I have up to 18 inches available. The hair will not be cut until you determine the desired len...

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$300 OBO

15 inch long and 3 inch thick virgin blond hair for sale

I’m a non-smoker, don’t drink alcohol, lead a healthy lifestyle, do sports, so the hair is in excellent condition. My hair has never been coloured, ironed or t...

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Rare curly real red hair

My color is rare to come by and I won’t be growing it this long again. I don’t smoke, and I exercise weekly, taking care of myself including my hair. I trim the...

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17 in. Virgin Auburn Child’s Hair

17 inch Virgin Auburn Child's Hair. Non-smoking household. Hair is washed twice a week, not heat treated just air dried. Uses natural hair care products and ea...

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$2000 OBO

36 in. 2nd time seller

Virgin hair, grown to sell. 2nd time selling. No heat or chemicals. Bain de Terre products used almost exclusively. Non smoker. Multi-vitamin taker. Shampooed e...

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20 inches of long, black, straight & healthy Hispanic hair

Hispanic long black hair. Total length is 30 inches but selling about 20 inches. Has been dyed once but is very healthy and naturally straight, soft, and shiny....

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$Make Offer

15-18″ Strawberry Blond Hair

Unique hair coloring, 100% virgin hair, natural highlights and waves. Never dyed, bleached or permed. Non-smoker, healthy diet, hair washed once a week with sul...

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$Best Offer

12″ Long virgin hair

I have 12" of virgin hair. Never colored and I never use heat on my hair. I wear it either naturally down or in a braid. I wash it 1 maybe 2 times a week with ...

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Virgin Brunette Hair 16″ ponytails (4)

Virgin Dark Brown Hair. Healthy, Non smoker. Never chemically treated or blow dried. Had hair cut professionally 9/23/17 PAYPAL ONLY

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Pregnancy Hair 22 inches

I’m selling my pregnancy hair. I have not cut my hair in going on 3 years. I’ve had 2 pregnancies during this time and I have took prenatals before during and a...

1030 total views, 4 today

Back length

$550 obo

Virgin 17″ to 20″ Dark Brown Hair – over 3″ thickne...

Virgin dark brown, mostly straight, same length hair with no split ends. Please be advised that there are a few gray hairs and other natural highlights and tone...

855 total views, 1 today

29 inches

$750 OBO

28 Inches of Lovely, Virgin Brown Locks for Sale

I was scammed by an individual who goes by the name of “Atif Khan” who offered me over $4,000 for essentially all of my hair. It is now, as you can see, in one ...

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$$445 OBO

18 inch Extoic Uruguayan Hair

Over a FOOT AND A HALF (18 inches) of beautiful South American hair. Uruguay is a very European like country in South America, neighbors to Brazil and Argentina...

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Extreme long brunette 43 inches

sold Thanks

778 total views, 2 today

In a braid, 27" long


NEW PRICE! 34″ LONG, 5″ THICK, Brunette Hair, Slightly Wavy, fr...

THIS HAIR HAS BEEN CUT BECAUSE OF A BAD SELL THAT FELL THROUGH. It is still in great shape, but you're getting a few inches more b/c the "buyer" wanted me to sh...

771 total views, 4 today



12″ Gorgeous brunette hair

I am looking to cut 12" of my gorgeous brunette hair. My hair is in excellent condition and I do not smoke and take regular vitamins. I wash my hair twice per w...

756 total views, 1 today



25 Inches of Gleaming Chestnut Hair

25 inches of virgin, gorgeous and thick chestnut hair full of rich brown, blonde, and reddish tones!!! My hair dries stick straight naturally! This has been...

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Fotos Cabello

$$4,000 OBO

Beautiful Long Hair Brown – 23.5 Inches

Dramatic, smooth, and lustrous dark toffee hair. Is thick and straight, 23.5 inches, my ponytail is 5.5 inches in diameter, hair has never been colored or chemi...

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Auburn, incredibly thick, wavy princess hair

20 inches of wavy virgin hair. I just had it trimmed 2 weeks ago to get rid of split ends. The hair is very healthy and smooth with blonde and red highlights of...

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$90 OBO

Brand New in Packaging Natural Virgin Brazillian Chemical Free – 20&#...

Bought an extra track I don't need - Unopened, never been used, uncut. Natural brand Virgin Remy 100% Human Hair - Chemical free, no dye/perm 20-22" Na...

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24+ Inches of Virgin Hair


Two Feet of Virgin Blonde/light Brown Hair

At least 24 inches of thick, virgin, dark blonde/light brown hair. Other characteristics: very thick hair non-smoker rarely used heat products on hair i...

165 total views, 1 today

2017-07-14 17.31.12


Blonde hair! 12inches

Beautiful blonde hair! Slightly layered. 10-12 inches long. I rarely use heat. (Less than once a month!) It's healthy and soft. I don't smoke and I eat fairly h...

549 total views, 1 today


$425 obo

Young, Thick, Curly, Healthy, Virgin Hair with subtle natural highlights

Healthy, thick, very curly layered hair recently cut off in a braid. Healthy and active lifestyle, non-smoker. hair washed a couple times a week, heat rarely ap...

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$best offer

virgin/brown/wavy Asian hair

No split ends-- Strong and healthy hair from an 8-yr-old. Cut on Sept 25, 2017

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20 inch long straight brown hair

I am looking to cut 20 inches of my gorgeous brown hair. My hair is in excellent condition and has never ever been chemically treated with anything or dyed wit...

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Virgin Brunette Curly Locks with Gold Highlights

I am a healthy, non-smoker with naturally curly/wavy hair which has never been died, or chemically treated. I wash my hair about twice a week, but on the other...

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Full view


Pure Hair – Brown w/ blonde and red highlights

20-21" long hair No products No bleach/die Healthy hair Thick -nearly 5 inches around! Medium brown All one length Recently professionally trimmed (10/22...

499 total views, 1 today

Image 1

$$250 OBO

12″ of Brown Curly Virgin Hair

Selling 12" of Brown virgin Hair. It is light to medium brown, has never been permed, colored, blow dryed or otherwise treated with anything stronger than a lit...

178 total views, 0 today

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