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full hair


15″ Virgin Brunette Hair

Silky, soft, and shiny 15 inches of medium brown virgin hair. It is 2 3/4 inches thick. As you can see from the pictures, it is naturally straight. I NEVER use ...

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Virgin Golden Brown Wavy Hair

I take really good care of my hair. I deep condition it with coconut oil once a week. I only use shampoo without chemicals in it. I brush it 3 times a day and c...

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$250 OBO

Thick Shiny Virgin Coppery Brown Hair 12”+

I'm selling 12 inches of brown virgin hair from a teenager, it has beautiful copper tones. Hair has never had any chemicals used on it, and no heat damage. C...

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11” of Soft and Healthy Dark Ash-blond Hair

11" of healthy dark blond hair. It is dark blond with beautiful golden highlights and healthy ends and a 2.75" thick pony tail. Washed 3x per week and trimmed e...

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2016-02-07 07.46.14

$$150 OBO

10 inches of Straight, Brown hair FOR SALE

My hair is very healthy, straight, and natural. I don't straighten, blow dry, dye, or put products in my hair. Only slight damage may be from occasional curling...

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$$1,800 OBO

Virgin Auburn Hair/25 inches

Non-smoker, I don't use drugs or drink alcohol, I live a healthy lifestyle, I rarely swim in pools, hair has never been dyed or permed, rarely used heat on it

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$550 OBO

15″ European THICK Golden Brown Hair

European and Native American descent golden brown thick virgin hair. Sunlight enhances locks of natural auburn and gold highlights. Non-smoker, non-drinker, exc...

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Blonde Virgin Hair! 19 Inches

I have been growing my hair out for years with an intention to sell it, so it has been well taken care of. Washed every other day I eat very healthy, most...

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$$1000 OBO

Male Virgin Blonde Hair

Very well cared for and beautiful male light blonde hair - 1"-2" x 16" This hair is 2.5 years old and has been washed and conditioned with natural products 3...

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$500$ OBO

Very Curly Black Virgin Male Hair

Never smoked, drank (anything you need an ID for) or have done anything harmful to my hair. Believe it or not, those curls are a product of combing and air-dry...

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Long hair wanted 20 inches or longer

Long hair wanted 20 inches or longer must be willing to get a very short pixie haircut or a buzzcut and be willing to have the haircut videoed.Willing to pay 10...

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$1500 reduced

Time for a trim..dark brown hair

Recently trimmed about 4 inches from when ad was first made.. hair is about 3in thickness where hair will be cut. Will update pic..previous pic showed . Reduced...

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$600 or B.O.

22″ of shiny, soft black virgin hair

Virgin black hair, reddish brown natural highlights in sunshine. Half Indian, half Caucasian. It is shiny, thick, soft and strong, not wiry at all. I don’t smok...

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$1,000 OBO

32in.Price lowered!

All one length. 32 inches. I naturally lightened the bottom half for an hombre effect. I don't curl my hair nor use products. I'm in the medical field and hav...

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Hair Colour

$Make an offer!

23″ of beautiful virgin red hair!

I am selling 23 inches of my beautiful red hair! it's 100% natural and virgin, so has never seen dye, heat, or other products. I don't smoke or swim, so it's n...

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sell hair thickness


Chocolate copper Medium Brown with red highlights 15 inches

I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner 3-4 times a week. I am willing to cut 15" off. I don't drink or smoke. I have been growing my hair for about 2 ye...

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Hair (1)

$Best offer

15″ VERY thick, virgin blonde naturally CURLY hair with red highlight...

Naturally curly blonde hair with natural light blonde and red highlights. My hair has been this curly my whole life, it started out red and turned blonde when ...

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20” of 100%VIRGIN Straight, Shiny & Silky Fine AUBURN hair!

4” THICK, 20" Long PRISTINE Hair. Hair All One length - No layers. NEVER: dyed, straightened, permed, or chemically treated! NEVER: used curling irons...

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12″ Sandy Blonde Virgin Hair

No styling product is ever used in hair, no hairspray used in hair, never blow-dried, never straightened or curled, never ever dyed. Hair is washed twice a week...

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$Best offer

Luscious European Hair you can play with. Decide my haircut: bob, pixie, bu...

I have been growing my hair out for more than 3 years. My luscious European hair is completely virgin. Never treated or dyed. Never used any chemicals in it...

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2016-01-13 22.58.47

$275$ OBO

Golden Blonde virgin 12″ straight hair slight waves

12 inches of lovely golden blonde hair. No blowdrying, never dyed or curled and from a nonsmoking home. My hair is straight with slight waves and many natural h...

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24 inches/2 ft. Asian virgin hair for sale

My brother just recently cut his long natural, never dyed, straightened or curled hair. Professionally cut by the salon. 4 inches thick & 24 inches long...

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20” of 100%VIRGIN Straight, Shiny & Silky Fine AUBURN hair!

4” THICK, 20" Long PRISTINE Hair. Hair All One length - No layers. NEVER: dyed, straightened, permed, or chemically treated! NEVER: used curling irons...

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10 inches of medium blonde hair for sale

Healthy virgin hair for sale from non-smoking person. The hair will be cut and shipped only after the full payment through PayPal. Will be shoot video of cuttin...

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$$2000 obo for 2

26″ AND 18″ Wavy Red Virgin Hair

Unique opportunity to buy two cuttings of my very unusual hair. Each cut is all one length. The first cutting is 26” (27+” when pulled straight), and the other...

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hair 1

$make an offer

Vibrant Virgin Medium Ginger Hair

20" Vibrant Virgin Medium Ginger Hair of European decent. Healthy hair loaded with natural highlights, wave, texture and shine. Thick and exceptionally beautifu...

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$700 obo

Thick Virgin Golden Blonde Locks

Recently cut on 12/05/15. Multi toned with natural highlights. Has never been blow dried or straightened. Mainly air dried and worn in a loose bun or a braid. W...

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iphone 9.27.15 042


Blonde Virgin Hair 16″

I wash my hair 3 times per week with organic shampoo. I never blow dry my hair and have never dyed or had a perm. I am a non-smoker and a vegetarian.

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$150 OBO

12-15″ long, 3.75″ thick coppery brown hair with natural highli...

Naturally wavy reddish-brown untreated hair. 3.75" thick. 15" at longest layer, about 12" shortest layer.

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22 inches of light brown virgin hair

Selling 22 inches of naturally straight light brown virgin hair. It was washed 2-3 times a week and always naturally air dried. I am a non-smoker. Lifestyle and...

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