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$1500 obo

red virgin hair

Virgin hair has never been permed colored or any kind of chemicals Email for pictures if interested

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$125.00 OBO

Virgin Strawberry Blonde Hair-9 inches

Due to the variety of shades present in my hair, hair has never been colored. I am a non-smoker! I live a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to suggest a pric...

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Brunette virgin hair

Hair that has never been blown dry or treated with chemicals. Straight and strong. looks wavy because it was in a braid. very straight.

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Virgin Hair – Chestnut Brown with Copper Reflections

Virgin hair from young male, never blow dried, chemically treated, or dyed. Nice body and beautiful shine, straight, healthy hair with gentle wave. Cut by a pro...

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Ds Hair 8-27-16


Virgin Light brown, dark blonde

We have cut it into 6 sections each about 1/2inch. You can have all or we can make a deal on 1/2 inch amounts. Virgin hair, imagine Fabio's hair, Wavy, beautif...

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Lock 1a



3 locks of Gorgeous VIRGIN RED hair available! 1- 19" long, 3.5-4inches thick $700 2- 14" long, 3.5-4inches thick $500 3- 11" long, 3.5-4inches thick $400

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Virgin strawberry blonde 16″

Extremely thick, natural blonde and red highlights, no heat used ever, regularly conditioned. Non-smoking.

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Thick, Straight, Silky smooth black virgin hair. Never dyed, never chemical...

I love my hair, it's very low maintenance and it remains smooth and silky even if I don't use conditioner. It also remains straight, when I place it in a braid ...

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21′ VIRGIN 5 year old girl’s hair

This is a 5 year old virgin hair,21 inches.never cut, brown with natural copper highlights, curly at the ends and wavy;washed 3 times a week. Very well maintai...

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$500 OBO

Beautiful long, thick, auburn hair

Long light brown-auburn hair with some natural lighter streaks. It has lots of luster and is very smooth. Hair dressers are often surprised by how thick and hea...

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Loose, Indoors

$Best Offer

Red Virgin Hair

Naturally thick wavy red hair. Never dyed or heat treated, not even blow drying. Care routine: Water only method. Occasionally use baking soda on my scalp, no m...

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hair length before cut


Virgin Black hair from a Chinese girl

My hair was cleaned and cut on August 7th, 2016. I cared for it with good quality shampoo and conditioner occasionally. I wash it every 4 or 5 days with baking ...

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$750.00 OBO

Virgin Straight Strawberry Blonde 25″

I have always loved my beautiful red hair and so do many others. There are so many natural blonde highlights running through it that give it a beautiful shine, ...

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Full Back View


24″ Straight Russian Brown

Virgin dark straight brown with natural chestnut highlights from 28 year old non smoking, drug free American resident Russian woman. The texture is fine and sil...

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20″ of Virgin Auburn Hair-partial shave considered

Partial head shave (undercut) now considered for the right price. Please contact me to discuss details. Selling my wavy, thick, virgin light brown/auburn hai...

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FullSizeRender (5)

$600 OBO

Virgin Red/Auburn Hair 11″ healthy, thick

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY - PLEASE READ THIS AD CAREFULLY IN FULL! *CLEARLY* state your offer and cutting/shipping preferences in initial email! My hair: nev...

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Hair June 5 2016


24+ inches of Honey-Brown, Strong, Virgin Hair

I am selling 4.7 oz, 20-24 inches, 4.5 inches thick, of honey-brown straight, strong, virgin hair. I’ve always been in a non-smoking environment, my hair has n...

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2 Sets Light Brown Hair Gleams Gold in Sun

$100 OBO

Silky, fine light brown hair $100 Or Best Offer for 10″ uncut

*****10 INCHES FOR SALE********* Hair is very soft and fine in texture, naturally straight. It is very healthy, shines beautifully, and receives many complimen...

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$675 OBO

23″ Virgin Blonde Hair 4″ Thick

I've kept my hair very healthy. 5 ponytails, each about 23" long, altogether 4" around, for sale. Washed 2-3 times a week, treated with coconut oil every other ...

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dry length inside view

$1300 negotiable

Virgin Auburn, straight, un-cut

Color: Auburn = mid-brown with a lot of red. My mom has curly red hair and my dad has straight dark brown hair. Type: Caucasian, German/French/Irish bac...

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$Best offer

Native hair, pictures and video

Hair sold Pictures from the last 2 cuttings are for sale, 14 pics 1st cut 32" ponytail. 19 pics 2nd cut 22" ponytail. Also have a recent 9 minute video...

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image 1


virgin blonde 25″ length 4.5″ thick

Heavy, thick, virgin blonde hair, cut from my teenager less than two weeks ago (male, no dyes, products, etc). We also have the video. Asking $1,300. hairsale8...

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Loose, Indoors

$Best Offer

Red Virgin Hair

Naturally thick wavy red hair. Never dyed or heat treated, not even blow drying. Care routine: Water only method. Occasionally use baking soda on my scalp, no m...

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Hair on counter


16″ Virgin Dark Blonde with Natural Highlights. LOTS of hair. Large w...

Hello Im new and I dont really know how this site works but I just cut my hair which was about 2' long and have about 16" left in a ponytail that I want to sell...

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13 1/2″ -14″ black/ dark brown wavy virgin hair

Virgin, naturally wavy, black/ dark-brown hair has been growing for three years, and it is thick, and shiny. The strands are very soft, and fine. I am mixed-rac...

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$$1000.00 Obo

Brown Soft Silky Virgin Hair 2 are 19″, 2 are 22″

4 strands of soft brown hair with natural highlights. Caucasian, Non smoker. Great condition, fine, soft hair. I grew it for along time. Ate a great diet, lots...

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$$300 OBO

17 inches Brown Hair (male)

17 inches of medium brown, virgin hair. I don't smoke or drink, never blow dry and don't treat my hair with any product other than shampoo. It doesn't really ne...

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Hair For Sale

$$600 OBO

Virgin, Medium Brown Hair 12-15 inches

15 inches of medium brown VIRGIN hair. Weighs 4.2 oz. E-mail me with any questions you might have.

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$100 OBO

Virgin light brown

My 9 year old decided she wanted to have half her hair cut off. Very healthy diet, no restrictions. Obviously doesn't smoke or anything. Daily multi vitamin. Wa...

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Red virgin hair for sale


Red virgin hair for sale

This hair belongs to a 16 year old male, who has been wearing his hair long. He recently decided to sell it. His hair is washed about twice each week and is kep...

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2016-06-27 22.50.55


Want to cut my hair asap make offer Virgin Hair

healthy lifestyle Virgin Hair well taken care of 15 inches long just want to cut it now make offer must sell as soon as possible thanks for looking

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14″ of virgin, thick, light brown, Persian hair

14" of my hair will be cut and for sale. I have never dyed my hair or treated it with any harsh chemicals. It has never undergone the use of either a flat iron ...

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