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23′ Dark Brown healthy straight hair!

Healthy black/ dark brown hair. Never been bleached or colored or chemically altered. 29 years old, very active, healthy diet Hair has been cut 2 days ago! L...

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PRICE REDUCED! 23′ Long Smoke Free Natural Virgin Hair Brunette

Long thick naturally dark hair. 26-27' before the cut, 23' available after the cut. Non dmoker, hair has never been dyed or chemically processed. Usually kept i...

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$$550 obo

23in healthy natural blonde hair

This hair is well maitained. It has never been dyed and has rarely been stressed by high heat. It has only been washed with natural products. Would be great for...

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$250 OBO

Virgin Dark Brown -11.5″

My 8 year old son has been growing his hair for a few years now and is ready to sell! In a pony tail it reaches just past 11.5" and tapers at the end. He uses o...

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PRICE REDUCED! 29′ straight black healthy Chinese hair

Long, healthy Chinese straight hair I recenty had cut. Never has been chemically processed, dyed, or anything.

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$800 OBO

23″ Sri Lankan/Irish American straight virgin hair – natural re...

Virgin, naturally straight, dark-brown hair has been growing for four years, and it is thick, shiny, and beautiful. The strands are very soft, fine, and numerou...

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10-12 Inches of virgin single length light brown hair

10-12 Inches of virgin, single length, slightly wavy, light brown hair. Had regular trimmings to keep split ends under control. Pictures show natural hair that ...

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$195.00 OBO

Virgin Red Curly Hair – 13 Inches Braided

13 inches braided, virgin red curly hair. My 9 year old recently cut her at a local salon. The lady estimated it to be close to 15 inches, but the braid is 1...

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$Best offer

Native hair, pictures and video

16 Inches of straight medium brown hair with natural copper and golden highlights. When tightly banded it’s 3 1/4 inches thick. 100% virgin never chemically t...

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Red Blonde Bundle

These two ponytails of virgin medium/dark blonde hair and red hair have never been dyed, bleached, permed, or otherwise chemically treated. Both donors don’t sm...

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$750.00 OBO

Virgin Straight Strawberry Blonde 25″

I have always loved my beautiful red hair and so do many others. There are so many natural blonde highlights running through it that give it a beautiful shine, ...

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side view


34 virgin Inches of darkest brown and auburn waves, Total head shave

I'm of English, Irish and Native American descents. Neither me nor anyone in my household smokes. I work from home and eat almost exclusively at home. I hav...

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20″ of Virgin Auburn Hair-partial shave considered

Partial head shave (undercut) now considered for the right price. Please contact me to discuss details. Selling my wavy, thick, virgin light brown/auburn hai...

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Brown 17 year old female hair with natural highlights of red and blonde, al...

17 year old healthy, virgin, brunette hair! I live in a smoke free, drug free, healthy environment. Washed hair with Generic Value Products brand of Nexxus Hume...

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$275 OBO

15″ European THICK Golden Brown Virgin Hair

European and Native American descent golden brown thick virgin hair. Sunlight enhances locks of natural auburn and gold highlights. Non-smoker, non-drinker, exc...

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hair diameter


33″ of Male Virgin Medium Blonde Hair

Virgin beautiful silky strong Medium blonde Male hair. Smoker. Has not been cut in 17 yrs. Washed and oiled weekly to keep in peak condition. Kept in pony tail ...

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Long hair wanted at least 20 inches or longer

Long hair wanted at least 20 inches or longer and must be willing to get a very short pixie haircut or buzzcut and video the haircut.Depending on length and how...

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Honey-gold blond virgin hair, 17 inches

Gorgeous, shiny, healthy, virgin blond hair. I'm willing to sell 17 inches, untrimmed, or 16 inches with an inch trimmed off to even out the ends. In the pictu...

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$400 OBO

Virgin light blonde hair

I'm selling about 17-18 inches of my hair. It's naturally a lovely light blonde color (Swedish ancestry). The texture is fine and very soft. My hairdresser s...

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Full Hair

$1000 OBO

25 inches of Brown Virgin Hair

Hair has never been dyed or treated. It has only been blown dried or straightened less than 10 times. Never curled. Washed and dried regularly. Well maintained ...

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Long straight brunette hair

Roughly 17 inches of straight brown hair. Chemical free. Nonsmoker. Shampooed and conditioned about 2-3 times a week. Blown dry only during the winter months.

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$225 OBO

Beautiful Highlights Medium Blonde Virgin Hair 12″

Teen girl wanting to cut her long virgin hair. She has medium blonde hair with natural highlights, thick and healthy, never blow dried, non smoking environment...

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$Best Offer

20+ Inches of Virgin Blonde Scandanavian Hair

I am a non-smoking, non-drinking, non-drug using, female offering 20-plus inches of virgin naturally multi-tonal blonde hair. I take vitamins and minerals, tend...

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$800 OBO

23″ Sri Lankan/Irish American straight virgin hair – natural re...

Virgin, naturally straight, dark-brown hair has been growing for four years, and it is thick, shiny, and beautiful. The strands are very soft, fine, and numerou...

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10″ virgin red hair

Smoke free, virgin, I seldom use heat on hair. Washed 2-3 times per week. Pictures of cut available upon request. I would like to sell quickly and will be dona...

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10 inches of thick brown virgin hair

10 inches of long, brown, thick virgin hair. Never dyed or burned and always brushed out of the shower. naturally has a little wave - not quote straight but not...

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$$500 OBO

24in Light/Medium Brown Virgin Hair

24in Brown Hair Never treated with any products, washed 2-3 times a week, never heat dried, always air dried Has been grown for 7 years No smoking or alcohol...

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$300 OBO

11 year old’s golden brown thick waves

Very thick golden blond hair of an 11 year old girl. Some natural strawberry blond streaks. Hair lovingly cared for with organic products since birth. Never per...

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image 1


virgin blonde 25″ length 4.5″ thick

Heavy, thick, virgin blonde hair, cut from my teenager less than two weeks ago (male, no dyes, products, etc). We also have the video. Asking $1,300. hairsale8...

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2016-06-04 07.08.57


Virgin brown locks with natural highlights

Beautiful brown hair that has remained untouched by damaging heat treatments such as blow drying, flat irons and curlers. No harsh treatment and all Natural hig...

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