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$300.00 OBO

15″ wavy chestnut brown virgin hair

My hair was in a layered hair style cut before it was chopped off, so some pieces are shorter than others but for the most part the average length of the hair ...

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$$350 OBO

Totally natural, virgin brown/black hair

16+ inches of virgin brown/black hair. Non-smoker, no drugs, healthy lifestyle. Occasionally trimmed. Never blow-dried. Occasionally straightened with a fla...

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12 inch virgin silky dark red (auburn) hair from 19 year old non-smoker

Hair air dried (curled once a year for prom). Washed every third day. Straight hair with volume - needs very little care. People comment on how beautiful it is ...

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$500.00 OBO

20 inches of natural “beach-wave” virgin brown hair

Selling 20 inches of virgin hair with a natural loose curl/wave. It is a medium brown color with natural light brown and reddish highlights throughout. Hair i...

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$Best Offer

17” Blonde Virgin Hair Ponytail

Healthy blonde virgin hair 17'' in length and 3'' in thickness. Silky soft and shiny! Hair comes from a non-smoking healthy eater and regular exerciser. Hair...

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16-18″ Chestnut Silky Straight Thick Virgin Hair

16-18" of soft, healthy chestnut brown hair (4"+ thick). With natural golden, light brown, and strawberry-blonde highlights, I get lots of compliments. It...

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photo 1

$$1000 OBO

Never Dyed, Never Chem Treated, Natural Dreadlocks, Dreads, Locks

7 Years of having my beautiful dreadlocks has been fun, but the career needs a jumpstart, and sadly, appearance is part of that. I started them with beesw...

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IMG_9877 (683x1024)


12-13 in. Virgin, Naturally Tinted Brown Hair

Will be cutting 12-13 inches, up to buyer. Hair is a nice medium brown with beautiful blond and auburn natural tints that come out in the sunlight. One natural ...

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18″ Virgin Dark Brown Hair

$200 or OBO. Willing to discuss price. 18" of dark brown/black 100% virgin hair. The very end of my ponytail is thinner. Hair is dark brown (could be co...

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IMG_4186 (2)

$999 OBO

Thick and Curly Auburn Red Brown Hair with Natural Golden Highlights, Virgi...

Selling up to 15 inches. Thick and curly auburn red brown hair with natural golden highlights. My hair has never been chemically treated and has only been hea...

93 total views, 9 today

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Long hair wanted 20 inches or longer

Long hair wanted 20 inches or longer must be willing to get a very short pixie haircut or a buzzcut and be willing to have the haircut videoed.Willing to pay 10...

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silk hair


hair for sell

i am parting with my beautiful hair to help. I take VERY good care of my hair — I never heat style it. I am 26 years old, have never smoked, and lead a very he...

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1. Length (2) (600x800)


18″ Light Blonde Hair

Virgin light blond hair (never dyed), natural waves (curly when gelled and tousled). It is 3 inches thick and has a lot of body. I am selling up to 18 inches of...

1160 total views, 9 today


$500 OBO

18″ Beautiful Virgin Blonde Hair

I am selling 18\" of naturally blonde, virgin hair. It is golden blonde and has a beautiful shimmer when outside in the sun. As a whole, the top layer of my hai...

840 total views, 6 today



Extra Virgin Long Red Curls

*I am cutting my hair on Thursday. Contact me NOW to secure it before it is cut. All offers considered* This is the hair you have been waiting for! This gor...

804 total views, 4 today

hair best #1

$1200.00 Or Best Offer

25+ Strong thick Virgin blonde hair, grown while pregnant PRICE REDUCED!

My hair grows fast and strong. The length I have now has only taken 3 1/2 years to grow. Most of its length grew while I was pregnant so this hair is packed w...

724 total views, 6 today




I'm wiling to cut off 30 inches of my beautiful blond vigin hair. I don't use in products in my hair and don't blow dry it eather. I am very healty and never ...

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Before I cut it


14″ virgin blonde hair

I have 14 inches of blonde hair for sale. We had to separate my hair into 2 pony tails because it is so thick. I weighed both pony tails together, and they weig...

653 total views, 7 today



Virgin, Golden-Hazlenut Blonde, 18 in (or 45 cm)

This mane of full-bodied hazlenut blonde and golden locks glistens in the sun. It has gotten its distinct color from the Florida sunshine, which brings out my n...

634 total views, 5 today


$1,000 OBO

25 to 30 inches of Virgin Golden Blonde Hair

Fine, silky smooth, golden blonde hair. It has never been dyed, chemically treated, or even blow-dried. I am a non-smoker. My ancestry is Dutch and Swiss German...

586 total views, 6 today

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All but 4'' of Thickness


30 inches of Headturning, Silky, Untreated, Loveliness!

I am perfectly fine with calling my hair medium brown, however, my beautician insists on calling the color chestnut with a hint of cinnamon! I have been growing...

572 total views, 8 today

for online 1

$$700 OBO

28″ Virgin Auburn Hair

Weight: 4.25oz approximate, assuming I've done it correctly Circumference: 4" Length: 28" I have 28" of thick (4" in circumference), healthy bright auburn...

238 total views, 2 today

TIGHTLY bound at 3.25 inches

$Best Offer

Silky curls of virgin brown with red/blond natural highlights

Selling up to 20" of my daughter’s uncut beautiful, very thick virgin hair. My daughter’s hair receives a lot of compliments on the gorgeous color, length and n...

117 total views, 8 today


$Best Offer

13.5″ Dark Chocolate Brown Hair

For Sale: Professionally cut dark chocolate brown hair with light golden brown highlights. This cut is very smooth, healthy, slightly wavy hair. Cut is 13.5" lo...

126 total views, 2 today

Outdoor in the sunlight


Medium blonde virgin healthy hair with natural highlights

Beautiful, healthy, long medium blonde hair with natural light blonde highlights. Recently trimmed, use high quality shampoo and conditioner, almost never use a...

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Full Hair view

$675 OBO!

17.5″ Virgin Brown Wavy/Thick Hair For Sale

-I am a 27 year old female -I have VIRGIN HAIR- brown, 3.8" thick, wavy/curly -Planning to cut 17 inches -I have been growing my hair out for about 3.5 yea...

303 total views, 2 today



18 – 20″ of Pampered golden brown hair

I would like to sell 18 - 20" of my medium brown hair. The last time I colored it was two years ago with a semipermanent glaze. I wash it only once every one to...

138 total views, 9 today

Blonde Hair in Natural Light


22″ of Virgin Blonde Straight Hair for Sale!

I have for sale 22" of my beautiful healthy, strong and untreated hair. I only shampoo and condition my hair 2-4 times per week and I always air dry. I take reg...

237 total views, 4 today


$$300 OBO

14″ Honey Brown Virgin Hair

This ad is for 14 inches of virgin light/honey brown hair. My hair is naturally straight with some subtle reddish highlights. I've never dyed, bleached, or perm...

508 total views, 8 today


$$400 OBO

11″ of Thick Honey Blonde Hair

11”+ of all natural/ virgin honey blonde hair. It has never been dyed, permed or treated. The hair has a natural gentle wave and is very soft. It takes we...

162 total views, 2 today

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