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Wavy Virgin Auburn Hair- Very thick!

This is my second time selling my hair. I received $1000 the first time, 4 years ago, and the buyer was very happy. I have A TON of hair (hair stylists are ofte...

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This comes from a 17 year old female. I have more pictures to send only the buyer once the hair is paid for. The additional pictures shows the face and the actu...

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Golden Brown Long Virgin Hair For Sale

There are two sections but they together are about 6.5 inches thick and 21 inches long. It is very pretty and came from a Eurpoean girl. I expect around $700 pe...

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$Offer over 100

Virgin black Asian hair

Virginia black hair cut less than a month ago from an 18 year old Thai girl. She works as a maid in a wealthy smoke free Thai house. The hair has never been t...

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$400 OBO

Virgin light blonde hair

I'm selling about 17-18 inches of my hair. It's naturally a lovely light blonde color (Swedish ancestry). The texture is fine and very soft. My hairdresser s...

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Full Lenth


12 inches of Natural Wavy Red Hair

12 inches of Natural Wavy Virgin Red hair for sale! Never treated, heat only applied around once per year. Washed 2-3 times per week. My licensed hair prof...

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$Best offer

19″ Virgin Brown Hair

19" Virgin brown hair, very little heat used, wash only twice a week. None smoker, healthy diet. Longer layers. I would like to sell quickly. Pictures of cut u...

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18-22 inch wavy natural black virgin Indian hair

Beautifully unprocessed Indian hair, natural black, slightly wavy hair about 300 grams in weight, very full

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Thick Virgin Honey Brown Hair

This hair is complemented on a daily basis. It is a light brown color with beautiful natural blonde highlighting. This is virgin hair. No heat has ever been ...

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10 inches of thick, healthy hair

10 inches of healthy light brown hair, 3 inches thick. It has never been dyed or treated with chemicals. Washed 3-4 times a week, styled with heat 2-3 times a w...

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$$400 OBO

18 Inches VIRGIN Brown Hair!!!

Beautiful long brown straight virgin hair. I want to cut 15 inches off no more than that. Never been cut, besides trims. Never uses heat always air dried, I...

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~33″ Beautiful Honey-Golden Virgin Hair

I am woefully yet excitingly departing with ~33" of my lusciously beautiful honey golden blonde hair. It has a stunning range of colors and natural highlights t...

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Closeup of color and texture in natural light

$$1300 OBO

40 inches Virgin, Dark Auburn Hair

Completely virgin, washed 2-3 times a week and always air-dried. Non-smoker, no drugs. I eat very healthy foods (mostly organic, lots of Omega-3s), and my hai...

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Up to 22 inches virgin red hair for sale

I am a non-smoking female with virgin red hair. Recently had another baby and I want to chop it all off. I wash my hair no more than twice a week, usually only ...

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$750.00 OBO

Virgin Straight Strawberry Blonde 25″

I have always loved my beautiful red hair and so do many others. There are so many natural blonde highlights running through it that give it a beautiful shine, ...

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ari porthos rapunzel



mother and daughter dark blonde..get 2 cuttings for double the thickness. 7 inches at least around at 18 inches long(or more per offer) healthy strong no smokin...

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$Best Offer

Very healthy & thick Child Hair of 10 years Girl- about 17-18 Inch

My 10 year old niece is selling her virgin, smoke free, never treated or heated,absolutely gorgeous and very thick hair. I had never seen such thick hair befor...

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$Best Offer

Virgin Dark Brown Hair 40″+

Virgin Dark Brown Hair. Asian. The 1st three pictures were taken April 30, 2016. The braid was taken in August 2015.

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side view


34 virgin Inches of darkest brown and auburn waves, Total head shave

I'm of English, Irish and Native American descents. Neither me nor anyone in my household smokes. I work from home and eat almost exclusively at home. I hav...

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$600 OBO

24 in – Thick, Wavy, Rich Chocolate Brown Hair

Two feet of gorgeously soft dark brown hair for sale! I have been growing it for ten years, keeping the ends trimmed so it stays healthy. I wash it approximatel...

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39 inch Brunette 01 adjusted @ 25%

$$1,000 OBO

39″ of soft and fluffy Brunette goodness

This is a nice 39" female tail. The weight and thickness are normal. A video of the cutting and before and after photos will be provided to the buyer only. T...

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15″ VIRGIN RED STRAWBERRY BLONDE HAIR – every kind of natural h...

Thick, beautiful strong long red hair with natural highlights. Never dyed, permed, or chemically treated. Hair washed about 2 times a week and always air drie...

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$Best Offer

20+ Inches of Virgin Blonde Scandanavian Hair

I am a non-smoking, non-drinking, non-drug using, female offering 20-plus inches of virgin naturally multi-tonal blonde hair. I take vitamins and minerals, tend...

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Long Beautiful Brown Hair

This is the second time cutting my hair in 5 years and this time I cut off 15 inches! My hair grows really fast so I can cut it often. My hair is really soft an...

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17 Inches VIRGIN Dark Brown Hair, BEST OFFER

Beautiful long brown straight virgin hair. I want to cut 17 - 18 inches off no more than that. Never been cut, besides trims. Never uses heat always air dried...

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Brown 17 year old female hair with natural highlights of red and blonde, al...

17 year old healthy, virgin, brunette hair! I live in a smoke free, drug free, healthy environment. Washed hair with Generic Value Products brand of Nexxus Hume...

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$500 Obo

Virgin dark brown hair

10 inches of dark brown thick wavy virgin hair for sale!!! $500 Obo

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Long Red Virgin Hair for Sale!!! Low price!! 20in!!!

Long red virgin hair for sale. Washed 2 to 3 times a week . No heat or blow dryers. People love to tell me how pretty my hair is. 20in to the end of hair.

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14-15 inches of beautiful straight redhair

Virgin red hair. Unique color, straight, thick hair. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week and rarely use a blow dryer (maybe once every other month) I routinely trim...

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14 inches of virgin blonde hair


13 inches of braided virgin blonde hair

13 to 14 inches of virgin blonde hair. Cut and braided already. I'm a healthy, drug free, smoke free, alcohol free person. I'm pregnant and out of work so pr...

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