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$4500 òbo

51 inches of thìç? natural blonde hair

Beautiful light blonde hair 51 ìnçhes nonsmoker vegàn nutritional supplements (hair skin ànd ñail).I hàvè bèèñ usìn? wèn ot by çhàzero Dèàñ for the làst 15 ý...

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Virgin Dark Brown Hair- 16″ Half Lebanese, Half Slovak

16"-long 4"-thick virgin dark brown hair. Hair is slightly wavy and angled. Always getting compliments from hairdressors. Barely touched, no chemicals, no str...

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Virgin, dirty blonde fine hair

Never died, barely washed it. Never an iron. Has red, black, brown, light blonde all in one hair strand.

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$500 OBO

Great Quality Virgin Blond Hair 10″

10" of young, very think, strong, virgin dirty blonde hair. I don't even own a straightener or blow dryer; wash my hair about 2x/week; slight wave to it; do not...

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15 inches healthy thick virgin black hair

Healthy, natural 15'-long 4.5'- thick virgin black hair. Naturally wavy and angled towards the end. Very little split ends. Never dyed/straightened/curled. Litt...

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Super Thick, 14 Inches, Light Brown Hair I’m ready to part with!

I love my hair but it is thick, heavy, and hot so it’s always up and away from my face. This is the longest my hair has ever been and I figured instead of just ...

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$Highest Offer

Beautiful, Long Blonde Virgin Hair

Former athlete, young, very healthy. I have beautiful, thick long, blonde hair that people always compliment. It is very thick. I have been growing it ou...

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$1500 or B/O

Virgin light brown hair / not cut yet

Shaving off all hair. Hair never heated or dyed. washed twice a week. Non drinker/smoker. Heathy diet and covered when exposed to sun. Over 7 years of growth wi...

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Light Blonde Virgin Hair for Sale

I am selling my hair. It is 12 inches in a braid and is 4 inches thick. I am a non-smoker, and the hair I am selling has never been dyed, nor has it ever been...

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Back length

$500 obo

Virgin 15″ to 20″ Dark Brown Hair – just over 3″ th...

Virgin dark brown, mostly straight, same length hair with no split ends. Please be advised that there are a few gray hairs and other natural highlights and tone...

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$4500 òbo

51 inches of thìç? natural blonde hair

Beautiful light blonde hair 51 ìnçhes nonsmoker vegàn nutritional supplements (hair skin ànd ñail).I hàvè bèèñ usìn? wèn ot by çhàzero Dèàñ for the làst 15 ý...

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FullSizeRender (5)

$800/Best Offer

25″ of Virgin Black Italian Hair

The classic "raven-haired beauty " locks! Thick and wavy virgin Italian black hair, I constantly received compliments on its length and softness. I always wa...

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$1500 OBO

44 Inches of Straight, Virgin Blonde Hair REDUCED PRICE TO SELL NOW!!

Almost FOUR FEET of natural, blonde hair! Had the nickname "Rapunzel", and now you can, too! Stunning virgin honey blonde hair that is over 44" inches long. ...

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Long and shiny


32 INCHES OF Golden and Beautiful. Luxurious Hair!

My hair has always been taken care of. Non-smoker/drinker, no drugs, clean lifestyle, no hair dryers, avocado oil glorious, the best hair shampoo and brushes. I...

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Full length is 52 inches.

$1250 OBO

Longest all natural dreadlocks you’ll ever find

56 beautiful dreads measuring from 57 (longest)-27 (shortest) inches with most of them around 52". They are virgin, never colored, heat dried, chemically treate...

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$400 OBO

VIDEO of 17″ Virgin Hair Cut into Bob

Virgin hair in total over 25" but the braid cut off was 17". Video footage of extreme haircut. First time I have ever made my hair so short. It is typically the...

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Thick, Brunette, Virgin, All-Natural 14″ Hair

Healthy, non-smoker, washed 2-3 times per week, air-dried, naturally curly but straightened for the cut. My hair was cut a while ago, and is kept in a pony-tail...

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Beautiful 14″ virgin straight black hair

Hi, I have 14" (measured from ponytail) virgin, naturally straight black hair, with a thickness of 3.5". I am 28 years old of Chinese origin, healthy, never smo...

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$350 USD

French Virgin Dark Brown Hair

Virgin French born dark brown hair. Never dyed my hair. No chemicals. They can look like darker or lighter brown depending on the light and season. Always cut m...

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Hair thickness

$500 OBO

Beautiful virgin blonde hair with natural highlights

When people see my hair they describe it as Harlequin Romance hair. It has the perfect combination of curl and highlights that make it exceptional and much more...

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22 inch braid of virgin hair

I have been growing my hair out for 3+ years in order to raise money to visit my best friend in the Netherlands. Hello! My name is Therese and I have lived i...

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$best offer

22+ inches of medium brown/auburn hair

I have been growing my hair out for four+ years to raise money for our friends who live overseas. I have 24+ inches to cut but haven't had a trim in severa...

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Virgin Blonde Hair

Virgin medium blonde hair, washed 3x a week. Hair is wavy, and turns light brown when wet. I have never lived in a house that smoked. Hair will not be cut until...

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$600 OBO

16 inches long black/brown virgin Asian hair

I'm selling my long, straight Virgin Asian Hair. My hair is black-brown but mostly black. The brown shade can be seen in the sun. My hair has never been dyed, p...

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hair 2

$$450 OBO

18″ of brown virgin hair

Healthy, naturally straight brown hair, never dyed or chemically treated. Air-dried and never styled with heat. Comes from a non-smoking household. Shiny and th...

200 total views, 2 today

hair down

$Best Offer

Up to 22″ of virgin straight thick black hair with natural highlights...

Hey! I am selling up to 22 inches of my long, straight, virgin Asian hair. My hair is black, with minor light brown highlights that's visible in the sun. You...

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Virgin Dark Brown Very Curly 16?


Virgin Dark Brown Very Curly 16″

My hair is currently about 18" long when it is all brushed out, but maybe 10-12" all curled up. I'm willing to sell approximately 16". It is very curly and dark...

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11 inches long hair – VIRGIN – Rich deep brown – Healthy ...

Hair is very healthy, shiny, new child hair from a 15 year old girl (grows fast). Beautiful deep brown, very rich colour. NEVER been dyed / chemically treated. ...

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hair selling 2


22 inches of straight brown virgin hair

Twenty-two beautiful inches of naturally straight and healthy hair! I’ve always been complimented on how thick and healthy my hair is. The thickness of my hair ...

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15″ Light Brown Virgin Hair

Natural, straight, virgin brown hair. Selling 15 inches. Hair has never been colored, chemically altered or had heating devices used on it. Washed two tim...

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Webp.net-resizeimage (3)



Thank you for your interest in my hair. As the title says, my virgin Korean hair is shiny, thick, and rich. It is very healthy and I hope you will be interes...

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2 ponytails dark brown

Dark brown, straight, first one is 12in in length 1,5 in diameter second is 14in in length, 1,5 in diameter , virgin hair but i blow dry it sometimes. it hasn't...

205 total views, 2 today

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